How to get an Emirates Business Class or First-class Upgrade?

Emirates business class upgrade

Flying coach otherwise known as the economy is the bitter reality of budget traveling and getting an upgrade is much more complicated than it sounds. Allows getting an Emirates upgrade to Business class or First class. You can either do it immediately after booking your flight or wait for the last-minute bumping from Economy to Business class or from Business class to First-class.

You can ask for an upgrade online from the official site of Emirates itself or wait for the day of your flight to ask for the availability of other seats at the airport or while onboarding. But first, you need to know the cost (cash or Skywards Miles) and different ways to apply for an Emirates business class upgrade.

Key points for an upgrade to Business class or First-class

These are some of the key points to remember if you are applying for an Emirates business class upgrade

  • You are only allowed to upgrade to the next higher class i.e. if you have booked economy class, you’re eligible for premium Economy (if available) or Business class. If you want a First-class upgrade, book a Business class ticket for eligibility.
  • You can use cash or Skyward Miles to book an upgrade via the online method. The number of Miles you earn depends on your route, fare paid, class of travel, and frequency of your traveling. Skywards members can log in to view and manage their saved information.
  • Tickets are usually purchased as Saver, Flex, and Saver Flex for Economy or Business class. And the Miles you need for an upgrade depending on your fare type.
  • Tickets can be upgraded online up to six (6) hours prior to your scheduled departure. However, Economy class saver tickets can be upgraded from 48 to 6 hours before departure.
  • An upgrade is also subject to seat availability and restrictions. Airlines also have this automatic algorithm to upgrade your status if you’re a frequent flyer.

Ways to apply for an Emirates ticket upgrade

There are different methods on how to apply upgrade Emirates business class

  • Online – through the official website of Emirates Airlines (upgrade your flight).
  • Contact the airline itself through a phone call.
  • At the airport at the check-in counter (your actual impression of the employee will play a major role so be polite).
  • While onboarding ask for some other seat availability.
  • Contact your travel agency or the mediator that booked the airlines for you.
  • Also, sign up for alerts and automatic upgrades.

How to apply for an Emirates First Class upgrade

Follow these steps if you want to apply for an Emirates First class upgrade.

  • For eligibility for First class upgrade you’ll have to book a business class cabin first.
  • On the official site of Emirates Airlines, from the Manage dropdown, select Upgrade your flight.
  • Know your upgrade cost. Either use cash or Skywards miles to pay the expenses.
  • Sign up for an automatic upgrade whenever the seat is available and also receive an SMS or Email.

The don’ts while asking for an Emirates upgrade

Things you should avoid, if you are asking for an Emirates business class upgrade.

  • Do not directly ask for an upgrade, rather ask if the flight is overbooked if they say yes then you can ask for some other seat availability and then they’ll give you the information and cost to upgrade to a higher class.
  • DO NOT walk up to the desk and ask for a free upgrade as Emirates doesn’t offer free upgrades (you should be a frequent flyer on Emirates).
  • Dress properly. They don’t want any snobby-looking person in business class.
  • Don’t ignore your inbox keep a track of your upgradation request.

How to upgrade Emirates business class

You can apply for an Emirates business class upgrade both online at the official site of Emirates Airlines and offline at the airport check-in or while on boarding.

  • You are only eligible if you have booked a class just below the business class i.e., you can’t ask for a Business upgrade if you have booked Economy class if the Economy premium is available.
  • You need to request an Emirates business class upgrade at least 6 hours prior to the departure.
  • You can use Skywards Miles that you earned from previous travel to pay for the expenses of an upgrade.
  • Emirates business class upgrade cost depends on the route and the original fare price but the range can lie between USD 300 – 1500.
  • Upgrade depends on availability so a great catch is to request on the day of departure either at the check in or while on boarding.

So, is it possible to get an Emirates upgrade?

In conclusion Yes, it is possible to get an upgrade on Emirates, but it depends on various factors like the type of ticket you have purchased( Saver, Flex, or Saver Flex ) and also the availability of upgrade seats. You can check the availability of upgrade seats online on the Emirates Airlines official website or by simply contacting their customer service.

You can also use your frequent flyer miles to get an Emirates business class upgrade or purchase an upgrade at the airport. But remember the upgradation depends upon the terms and conditions of the airline, availability of seats, and also your loyalty towards them as Emirates business class upgrade cost depends on your regularity as a passenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade Emirates flights with miles?

You can use Emirates Skywards miles to upgrade Economy Flex/Flex Plus and Business Saver/Flex/Flex Plus tickets up to 6 hours prior to departure. Economy Saver can be upgraded at check-in — this can be done online via online check-in. Economy Special tickets cannot be upgraded. The number of miles will be determined by the type of ticket (Saver/Flex/Flex Plus).

Depending on your frequent flyer status you may be available for a complimentary upgrade. Be a platinum or gold member of their Skywards program.

How to upgrade Emirates flights for free?

1. The odds of being upgraded on Emirates for free are quite slim, but you can always give it a try.
2. First and most important be polite and friendly to the staff and employees.
3. Try dressing up better than usual and just give it a shot and ask nicely.

How much does it cost to upgrade Emirates flights?

1. Emirates usually offers a wide range of prices depending on your booked flight, route, fare type and availability of upgrade seats.
2. The price range can vary from around USD 300 – 1500, But you can also get an upgrade at cheaper prices by being loyal to the airlines and being an active passenger.

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