Pal Airlines Name Change Policy

Pal Airlines Name Change Policy

You’ve booked your dream trip with Philippine Airlines (PAL), but a minor error in your name on the ticket can be a hassle. The PAL Airlines Name Change Policy comes to the rescue. In the dynamic world of aviation, name-change policies ensure a seamless travel experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the PAL Airlines name change fees and clauses, guiding you through the process effortlessly.

Why PAL Airlines Implement Name Change Policy?

Pal Airlines recognizes that passengers may need to modify their travel plans, including name changes, for reasons like typos, marriage, or personal circumstances. Unlike many airlines that impose substantial change fees, the airline offers a convenient and cost-effective name change process, ensuring passengers can make necessary adjustments without financial burden. 

The PAL Airlines name change provision also allows passengers to make corrections to the name for free. For this, the changes need to be made within a risk-free period. The Name Change Policy is designed to prioritize passenger convenience. It allows passengers to correct errors in their booking details and ensures that the airline’s records are accurate.

Eligibility for Name Changes

Pal Airlines typically allows passengers to request name changes within a specific time frame before the scheduled departure. On most routes, the airline requests passengers to make corrections at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Before diving into the name change process it’s essential to understand who is eligible under the PAL Airlines name change policy:

  • Passengers booked tickets with misspelled names.
  • Legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons.
  • Passengers who are looking to correct their initials.

Documentation Requirements

To process a name change, passengers are required to provide supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate or legal documentation. Ensuring you have the necessary documents is crucial to a smooth process. If you fail to provide supportive documents you may not be allowed to travel with PAL Airlines. Note, avoid last-minute hassles at the airport and ensure that your travel documents align with the information on your ticket.

Pal Airlines Name Change Fees

Everything seems perfect until you spot a minor or minor error in your name on the ticket. It can be a hurdle as you need to change your name as per your government-approved or passport documents. Don’t fret; the airline has got you covered through Pal Airlines Name Change Policy. Continue to learn name change fees that help you navigate the process without breaking a sweat.

PAL Airlines simplifies its name change process by offering two categories: Minor and Major corrections. The airline may charge you more depending on your fare type, flight routes, mode of change, types of change, reason behind change request, and membership status. 


  • In the case of Minor Name Changes, these adjustments are minor in nature, like fixing a typo or reordering middle names. 
  • For passengers in Economy Class, the airline may charge PHP 300 as Pal Airlines Name Change Fees.
  • While those flying in Business Class can still make the change for a reasonable PHP 500.


  • Major Name Changes come into play for significant life events, such as marriage or divorce. 
  • For Economy Class travelers, the airline entails a cost of PHP 600 while passengers in the luxurious Business Class will need to allocate PHP 1,000 as Pal Airlines Name Change Fees.

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The airline may waive name change fees for situations like medical conditions or legal requirements. Contact the customer service if you believe you qualify for a fee waiver. The straightforward approach ensures that passengers can easily understand and manage name changes, making the process hassle-free and accessible to all. You can reach them for detailed information on Pal Airlines Name Change Policy and related clauses. 

Timeframe for Name Changes

When it comes to air travel, every detail matters. One such detail that occasionally requires attention is the passenger’s name on the ticket. PAL Airlines understands this and allows passengers to make changes to names till 24 hours before departure. For some specific destinations, the airline reserves the right to decline name change requests if they are made within 48 hours of your scheduled departure. So, it’s always better to act swiftly to avoid any unexpected hurdles.


The PAL Airlines Name Change policy has a set of restrictions for different fare types. The airline strives to accommodate requests but imposes exceptions on factors such as ticket type and fare regulations. For passengers with restricted tickets, name changes might not be allowed. Some fare categories permit name changes under specific conditions or with fees, while others strictly prohibit any changes or only allow corrections for misspelled names. The airline may waive change fees if the changes are requested due to bereavement or sudden change in legal documentation.

How to Request a Name Change with PAL Airlines?

Now that you know what kind of name change you need, it’s time to get the ball rolling on the name change process. PAL Airlines accepts name change requests through multiple modes and offers the freedom to choose a convenient mode.

Changing Name through Online Portals

Panic might creep in when you need to make changes to your name through online platforms. Changing your name with PAL Airlines online is a breeze. You can rectify any name-related issues without breaking a sweat through their official website. The airline allows name changes to all eligible bookings. For this, the passenger needs to execute the mentioned steps with accurate information:

  • Open your preferred web browser and mark your presence on the official PAL Airlines website. 
  • Go ahead and sign in to your PAL account with username and password. The sign process allows you to manage your booking.
  • Once you’re logged in, choose the My Bookings option and find the booking for which you need to change the name. 
  • Use the booking confirmation code with the passenger’s family name to find the desired journey.
  • On the booking details page, tap on the button that says Change name.
  • A new screen will pop up, prompting you to enter your new name. Take your time to input your name accurately so that it matches with legal documentation.
  • Next, click on the continue tab and follow the on-screen instructions to pay the name change charges based on your fare category and destinations. 
  • Once the payment is made, you will secure your new tickets on your registered IDs. 
  • Before you hit that final confirmation button, check your new name to ensure there are no typos or mistakes as accuracy is key to exploring the world.

Contact PAL Customer Service

You’ve got options when it comes to reaching out to the customer service team. This old-school method helps millions who wish to complete the name change process without buzzing around online platforms. Dial the PAL Customer Service number and execute the following steps to complete the process at your own pace.

  • When you contact PAL, make sure you have your booking reference number as it will help the agent to retrieve your bookings.
  • Once the agent greets you, be ready to spill the beans about your new name and the reason behind the correction.
  • The officials might ask you to prove your identity. Share your name which helps them to complete the identification process.
  • The agent will check the eligibility and if your booking qualifies you will get new e-tickets on your registered IDs after you make PAL Airlines name change fees.

You can use the same steps to complete name correction through face-to-face interaction with agents at a PAL Airlines ticket office. Simply share the requested credentials and get your solution at your comfort. 


You can rest easy knowing that PAL Airlines has your back when it comes to making your flight amazing, whether it’s a minor or major error in a passenger’s name. The Pal Airlines Name Change Policy guarantees compliance and comfort for passengers. While the airline does not request passengers to share documents to prove their name, having it on hand will help you finish the identification process swiftly. Travelers should request name changes at least 24 to 48 hours before their intended departure as on most routes the airline may not entertain a name change request on the same day of departure.

Frequently Asked Question

What grounds does PAL Airlines accept for name changes?

Correcting misspelled names, initials, and changing legal names are some reasons accepted by PAL Airlines.

Is there a time limit for obtaining a name change with PAL Airlines?

Yes. The Pal Airlines Name change policy has a time limit for passengers to seek name changes. The airline will not accept requests 48 hours before departure for some destinations.

How can I get in touch with Pal Airlines to seek a name correction?

To begin a name change request, contact the airline via their customer service number or visit their official website. You can make name change requests through authorized offline centers.

What documentation is required for a name change?

Passengers need to share a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or any legal documents as supportive documents. You need to be on the ball as if you fail to submit supportive documents your name change request will be rejected by the airline.

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