PAL Airlines Flight Change Policy

PAL Airlines Flight Change Policy

Flight plans can often encounter unexpected twists and turns. Having access to information about the flight change policy can serve as a reliable shield in such situations. Unforeseen circumstances and uncertainties surrounding your journey can sometimes cast a shadow on the excitement of traveling to your dream destination. However, with Philippines Airlines, these concerns need not dampen your spirits. The PAL Airlines Flight Change policy empowers you to take control. You can seamlessly adjust your travel dates to align with your preferences, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be a hassle. 

Discover the Philippines Airlines Flight Change Policy based on fare types

The PAL Airlines Change Flight policy ensures a smooth and stress-free journey, allowing you to focus on the adventure that lies ahead rather than worrying about the logistics of your flight. With the flight change provision, your dream destination remains within reach, no matter how your plans may evolve. So, if you’re ready to navigate the world of flight changes with ease, let’s get started.

Economy Super Saver or Economy Saver

These fares attract thrifty passengers who wish to travel within a limited budget. The Philippines Airlines Flight Change Policy states on some specific routes the Economy Super Saver and Economy Saver fare holders are allowed to make changes by paying a fee. However, on some flight routes, the airline may not allow them to make a flight change request. 

Economy Value or Economy Flex fares

These fare types entail limited flexibility when it comes to altering flight schedules. However, with these fares, passengers can make required changes to their schedule till two days prior to departure by paying applicable charges. On some routes, Economy Value or Economy Flex fares do allow same-day change and the airline may waive PAL Airlines Change Flight fees if the changes are made within a risk-free period.

Business Class or Premium Class Cabins

Business Class travelers revel in luxury during their journeys. Passengers explore the flight change options multiple times for a fee or no fee depending on flight routes, date of booking, travel date, and multiple other factors. PAL Airlines offers premium ticket holders the flexibility of making free changes to their flights on select routes in the event of disruptions caused by mishaps.

Note: If you miss your new flight after making a change, you will need to contact Philippines Airlines as soon as possible as the airline’s policies for missed flights will vary. Reach us and we will let you make substantial changes within your terms. On most routes, flight changes cannot be made within 24 hours of departure.

Philippine Airlines Flight Change Charges Based on Fare Categories

PAL Airlines Flight Change Fees can range from a nominal amount to a substantial cost. To make changes in your comfort and enjoy a hassle-free journey, you must be aware of these charges before initiating the change. When it comes to altering your travel plans with Philippine Airlines, it’s essential to comprehend the associated fees which vary depending on the type of fare and the timing of your change request. 

Non-Refundable Fares

  • For domestic flights, the flight change fee is PHP 2,300 or more depending on the reason and type of changes you requested. 
  • On the other hand, the airline will charge more premium amounts as PAL Airlines Change Flight Fees. The International flights may attract more than PHP 3,500 with administration charges. 
  • You can save more on charges by applying changes as early as you can. On most routes, the flight change fee can be completely waived if you request changes at least one week before scheduled departure. 

Refundable Fares

  • A PAL Airlines flight change fee of PHP 1,200 or more applies if you hold a refundable fare for a domestic flight. 
  • You can pay PHP 1,500 or more as change fees for International flights. The charges may rise depending on the mode you choose, the reason for the change, the type of changes, and the membership.
  • The fee for changing a refundable fare is waived if you notify us at least two days before your intended departure date, as per the PAL Airlines Change Flight policy. 
  • In addition to the flight change fee, you may also have to pay the fare difference if your new flight is more expensive than your original flight. 

Types of Changes Offered by PAL Airlines

When it comes to air travel with Philippines Airlines, flexibility is a valuable asset as the airline allows multiple changes in the scheduled ticket. The airline offers passengers a variety of options to modify their flight reservations which ensure a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

Change in Fare Class

  • Passengers can easily switch to a different fare class that offers them more comfort, luxury, pleasure, or save them money by opting for budget-friendly options. 
  • The airline accommodates passengers’ situations and allows them to rebook with a different fare type that suits their convenience by paying PAL Airlines flight change fees and fare differences.

Date and Time Changes

  • Tickets with flexible fares can be changed at any time with no additional fees. For this, the requested travel date needs to be available. 
  • On most routes, the airline allows time and date changes to travelers with standard fare tickets only if they are requesting at least 72 hours before departure.

Change in Destination

  • With Philippines Airlines, you can exercise the choice to modify your travel destination, enabling you to explore new cities or regions whenever you wish. 
  • If your scheduled itinerary features layovers, you have the flexibility to tailor your journey by changing your stopover locations, creating opportunities to discover additional destinations along the way.

Passenger Name Changes

  • The PAL Airlines flight change policy also allows passengers to modify their names. However, passengers can only make corrections to their names. 
  • If they intend to perform a complete name change or transfer their ticket, the existing bookings will be canceled and change fees will be waived.

PAL Airlines offers numerous choices for changing bookings to match your evolving plans. Change fare class, travel dates, destination, or passenger names by paying all the applicable charges. 

How to make flight changes with PAL Airlines?

The PAL Airlines flight change process ensures convenience. Passengers can make desired changes through online and offline channels. Let’s explore both methods:


Executing a flight change with PAL Airlines through online channels is a straightforward process. All passengers except those booked from unauthorized centers can access the online channels to make flight changes through the official website or mobile app.

  • Log in to your PAL account using your designated username with password.
  • On the homepage, tap on the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Use the PAL Airlines booking number to select the flight you wish to change.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to modify your flight details.
  • Review any applicable fare differences with change fees and submit the PAL Airlines change flight form.
  • Proceed with the payment and receive confirmation of your flight change via registered IDs.
  • The airline offers a self-service online portal that ensures a swift and convenient experience.


Have all necessary documentation, such as your booking reference number and payment details, ready when making changes through the customer service number. Once you are ready with the subsequent information, execute the following steps:

  • You can contact the PAL Airlines customer service team via phone or the authorized desk center. 
  • Share your booking details, including the reservation number and passenger name as it will help the customer support representative to retrieve your desired booking.
  • Communicate your flight change request, specifying the type of changes you need.
  • The customer support representative will inform you of any fare differences or change fees associated with your flight change request.
  • Provide the required payment information to confirm the flight change.
  • Upon successful payment, the representative will furnish you with a confirmation of the changed flight details.

Tips to secure smooth flight changes with PAL Airlines

  • Prioritize flexibility and consider a refundable fare initially. These fares have a higher cost but allow passengers to enjoy greater peace of mind. 
  • The airline offers the liberty to adjust plans without incurring significant fees. Flight changes are not allowed within 24 hours of the original flight’s departure. 
  • Plan your flight changes well in advance to avoid last-minute fees and availability issues.
  • The airline may waive PAL Airlines change flight fees if the passenger needs to rebook their flights due to pandemics, health hazards, and natural catastrophes. 

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Flight changes are not a daunting task if you are familiar with the PAL Airlines change flight policy. You can make the necessary changes to your travel plans smoothly. The airline may consider exceptions for flight changes in the case of medical emergencies. According to the flight change provision, changes can be made up to a certain number of hours before the scheduled departure time. The type of ticket you purchase will determine the level of flexibility you have in changing your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my flight with PAL Airlines online?

To make flight changes easier, the airline offers online platforms (website or mobile app).

Do I need to pay a fee for changing my flight with PAL Airlines?

The fees for changing your flight are dependent on your fare type and the reason for the change. 

How far in advance should I make a flight change to avoid late fees?

Request a flight change well in advance to prevent incurring late fees. On most routes, the airline will accept change requests till the same day of departure but with hefty fees. 

Can I change my flight within six hours before the scheduled departure time?

Flight changes are not permitted within six hours of your original flight’s departure depending on your fare category. 

What should I do if I need assistance with my flight change request?

If you need specialized assistance with the flight change request form, you can contact the customer service department.

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