United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy

Your flight was delayed for more than two hours but you don’t know what to do? The chances of passengers knowing the policies are quite rare which is why this article will thoroughly inform you about the United Airlines flight delay compensation policy. 

Flight delays are worse when it starts happening quite frequently and since you already missed your connecting flights, your reservations for the day, and other such bookings your chances of ending up on the delayed flight become quite less. 

But what about the hundreds of dollars you wasted on booking your reservation? What about your lost time? And, what about you ending up hours waiting at the airport for nothing? Sounds terrifying, right? 

Let’s dig deeper into the United delayed flight compensation policy to know how you can retrieve compensation or refund in case of missed, delayed, or canceled flights. 

Delayed flights? Missed flights? Or, canceled flights?

Seeking united flight delay compensation without even checking for replacement flights can lead to getting neither the compensation nor the refund. As United Airlines actively looks back for you, it is your utmost duty to check for replacement flights and get on board with it in case you miss your flight, flight delays, or cancels due to severe issues. 

So, in case you missed your reserved flight, or the flight delays for more than one hour, or eventually is cancelled by the airlines. Here’s how you can board a different flight. 

  • You can download the official application of United Airlines
  • Or you can visit united.com/checkin to see your trip or to choose an alternate flight or 
  • Look for United Kiosk in the check-in areas/customer care service centre at the airport to seek help.

You can use the above-mentioned options to look for an alternate flight, if the flight is available at the moment, you can directly get your boarding pass and other such important documents within five minutes. 

You can also speak to an agent but it isn’t worth wasting your time when you can do it on your own by rebooking yourself the earliest flight available to reach your destination. Or you can also join the standby list. 

Standby list: if you join the standby list, the airlines will get you on board flights with available seats, you can stop by at the gate of the flight 1 hour before its departure so that the gate agent can put you on the standby list, and you can board the flight with available seats.

How can I know if I am Eligible for Compensation?

When it comes to providing united compensation for delayed flight, the aviation service law is quite strict about their rules and regulations, which you ought to follow. So, you are entitled to benefit from the service law when: 

  • When United Airlines is an operating carrier of your confirmed flight reservation.
  • When your purchased fare amount was as much as it was for the remaining public.
  • When you reach at least 90 minutes before the flight departure time, at the check-in counter.

You are not entitled to benefit from the service law when:

  • Your flight was delayed because of extraordinary circumstances.
  • If you are offered rerouting before the scheduled time of your flight.
  • You are denied boarding based on health issues or invalid documents.

What Passenger Rights do you Have in Case of Delays, Overbooking and Cancellations?

Does united airlines compensate for delayed flights? Yes, they do but it’s not only the delays that bother the passengers, but also the cancellations and overbooking. So, in case your flight was first delayed, but when it did arrive you were involuntarily denied boarding due to overbooking of seats, what’s left for you? Can you still seek compensation from the airlines for your unused ticket? Let’s check it out.

Flight delays

If your flight is delayed by two hours or more than two hours than its actual departure time, you are denied boarding due to overbooking of seats, or your flights is cancelled, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • You have the right to ask for meals and beverages.
  • Right to make two telephone calls, send a fax or email.
  • Hotel accommodations if the delay is of more than 1 night. 
  • Transport from the airport to the hotel accommodation. 

Under the united airlines compensation policy for flight delays if your flight is delayed by five hours but not more than eight hours than its actual departure time, you are denied boarding due to overbooking of seats, or your flights is cancelled, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Full cost reimbursement of the bought ticket. 
  • Replacement flight to reach your final destination.
  • Re-routing to your first point of departure, if applicable.

If your flight is delayed by at least eight hours than its actual departure time, or you are denied boarding by the airlines, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Full cost reimbursement of the bought ticket. 
  • Replacement flight to reach your final destination.
  • Re-routing to your first point of departure, if applicable.
  • Compensation in form of cash in accordance with the statutory amount. 

Note: The compensation will be provided to the passengers in form of cash, EFT, bank order, or bank check within forty-five days of the written application. 

Is Compensation Plicable in Case of Flight Cancellations?

United Airlines flight delays compensation is not applicable when the passengers are informed about the flight cancellation 14 days prior to the scheduled flight departure time. However, the operating carrier offers you re-routing in such cases. Further, making sure that you reach your final destination. 

The compensation is not applicable on the cancellations because majorly they happen due to special circumstances, which could not have been prevented by the airlines or the airport. 

  • If you voluntarily cancel your flight, make sure you do it before 24 hours of booking to seek full refund of your given amount. 
  • You can check your refund status on the “refunds” page.

Steps to Cancel a United Airline Flight online 

If you wish to cancel your flight within 24 hours of purchase to seek a full refund of your spent money, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines and click on the “My Trips” section. 
  • Click on My Trips Tab and enter your confirmation number and last name.
  • Tap on search and select the flight you want to cancel.
  • Click on “cancel flight”, to cancel your reservation instantly.

Under the united delayed flight compensation policy guidelines, you are eligible to get a full refund when you cancel a booked flight within 24 hours.

Want to Get Delayed Flight Compensation?

Want to claim compensation for delayed flight United airlines? No one can protect the passengers from flight delays or cancellations, and as the EU261 Law states, compensation is necessary if the flight delays. So, let’s check out the amount you are entitled to depending upon the flight length for you to seek united airlines delayed flight compensation claim

Length of Flight Period of DelayEstimated compensation 
Less than or equal to 1,500 km Equal to or more than two hoursApprox 250 Euros
Between 1,500 to 3,000 kmEqual to or more than three hoursApprox 400 Euros
Longer than 3,500 kmEqual to or more than four hoursApprox 600 Euros 

The above table is applicable for both united airlines domestic flight delay compensation and united airlines international flight delay compensation.

About United Airlines Refund Policy 

In addition to united airlines flight delays compensation, you can also apply for a full refund in certain scenarios. So, in case the flights are cancelled, delayed, or overbooked, and you are not put on an alternate flight you can ask for a refund. 

Initially, Airlines don’t leave you with this last resort and will make sure to help you out. However, if you still wish to refund your money it’s necessary for you to know about united airlines refund policy.

  • You cannot change the basic economy ticket, but you can refund it within twenty-four hours of booking your reservation. 
  • If you purchase a ticket before at least 7 days of the scheduled departure time, you may be qualified for a waiver of cancellation fees or change.
  • If you went through a major schedule disruption, you can fill out the refund form so that the airlines can process your refund, if eligible.
  • Other refunds rather than the credit card refund will be processed within twenty business days. 
  • You will receive your refund to your original payment mode.
  • You can always check your refund status by visiting the “refunds” page.
Basic Economy Cancellation policy: you can neither change nor refund the basic economy tickets. However, if you wish to do so, you have to do it within 24 hours of booking the basic economy ticket. You cannot combine these tickets with any other type of fare, which is why when you cancel these tickets, they have no value. You can check the basic economy ticket policy.

United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Form 

United Airlines delayed flight compensation form allows you to request for a refund, if applicable. You can always visit the “Request a Refund” page to request for refund compensation. All you have to do is fill out the below mentioned information:

  • Your reservation receipt details.
  • Your reason to request for a refund.
  • Your email address.
  • Your full name, residential address, country code.
  • After filling out the information, tap on submit. 

United Airlines flight delayed compensation is one of the best ways to get your money paid back when you don’t use your ticket.

Bottom line

Are the airlines quick to compensate their passengers? We don’t think so. But does that mean you cannot seek compensation or a full refund? Of course not. You can rightfully seek compensation or a refund of your unused portion of the reservation. However, make sure to read out loud the United Airlines delayed flight compensation policy in order to get your compensation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to claim flight delayed compensation from United airlines?

We assume that after carefully reviewing the United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy, you know that you can only claim for compensation under certain circumstances. However, if you wonder how to get compensation for delayed flight united? you can claim for a flight delay compensation as a refund, you can do so by filling the refund request form.

Does United compensate for delayed flights?

Yes, United domestic and United international flight delay compensation can benefit you. So, if your flight gets delayed for two or more hours you can seek compensation from the airlines. So, if the flight delay exceeds by eight hours you have the right to ask for hotel accommodation, transport facilities, re-routing, etc.

Does United offer compensation for delayed flights?

Airlines are never quick to compensate their passengers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t compensate at all. If you request a refund from the airlines, it might take 20 business days to process your request.

How much compensation can you get for a canceled flight?

If you voluntarily bump off your flight, you won’t get any compensation from United Airlines. However, if the airline cancels your flight and fails to provide you with an alternate flight you are eligible to get united airlines compensation for delayed flights approximately 600$.

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