Can You Bring Hangers On A Plane?

Can You Bring Hangers On A Plane

This question is asked quite often whether hangers are allowed on the plane or not. Well, travelling in a plane takes a lot of planning and organizing, you need to be considerate of what items can be brought and what can not be. In this post details regarding Can you bring Hangers on a plane will be shared.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Precheck Guidelines

TSA is responsible for airport security screening and the administration generally allows hangers on both carry-on and cargo baggage.

But remember certain types of hangers such as sharp or heavy might be restricted due to security purposes. Also, you don’t need a hanger in a carry-on bag so it is advisable to keep hangers in the checked-in bag.

Carry-On And Cargo Bag Guidelines

As for Cargo Baggage, hangers are permitted without hassle. However, there are weight and size restrictions on baggage so keep that in consideration. Hangers in a carry-on bag can be restricted at times. Although TSA allows it individual airlines might have different safety policies. So, it is advisable to go through the airline’s guidelines.

Domestic Travel Guidelines

As stated above TSA, the administration responsible for airport security in the United States allows hangers on an airplane. But the final decision lies with the security personnel at the airport screening. Also, it is advisable to go through the security policy of the airline you are flying with.

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International Travel Guidelines

As for international travel, passengers need to be aware of the regulations and measures of the country they are flying to. Whether hangers will be allowed or not vary country to country. Some countries might have more restrictions and won’t allow any metal possession. So it’s recommended to know about the local regulations to enjoy your journey.


Can you bring Hangers on a plane? Yes, TSA generally allows hangers on planes. You can carry them both in carry-on or cargo bag but there can be certain restrictions depending on the country you’re visiting or the airlines you’re flying by. Also, keep the size and weight of the hangers and luggage into consideration to avoid last-minute hurdles.

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