Can You Bring Solar Panels On A Plane

Can You Bring Solar Panels On A Plane

In the big year of 2023, solar energy is a great, sustainable and eco friendly power source. Solar Panels, a device that uses sunlight to produce energy is a key solar energy device. As the demand for renewable energy and sustainability is increasing, questions regarding transportation of such devices rises up. Especially during air travel where there is a lot of regulations and restrictions.

In this post the question Can you bring solar panels on a plane? And challenges or practical considerations of bringing such device on a plane will be discussed.

TSA Regulations

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is the authority that decides what is allowed on a plane and what isn’t. The US administration ensures the safety of passengers through screening of baggage and travelers at the airport. And yes, TSA doesn’t restrict solar panels on a plane. It is allowed both in checked-in and carry-on baggage. However, there are certain requirements that passengers must follow to travel with solar panel.

Airline Policy

Firstly safety and security policies vary airline to airline. You need to be fully aware of the policy and restrictions set by your airline. If the airline you are flying with allows solar panels there are still several factors worth considering.

Checked-in And Carry-on Baggage

You can carry solar panels in checked in baggage if your airline allows. But solar panels need to carefully packed and handled due to its fragility and danger. As for carry on Baggage, mini solar panels can be carried on a plane. Either in the overhead bin or under your seat. But remember it depends on your airline policy and restrictions.

Cons Of Carrying A Solar Panel

A device like solar panel can be potentially hazard. Lithium-ion batteries are often integrated into these devices for energy storage purpose. And Lithium-ion batteries are highly inflammable thus restricted on checked in luggage. These items can be highly dangerous if handled carelessly. So, instead of checked in baggage you can consider taking it in your carry on one.

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Practical Aspects of Carrying A Solar Panel

The dimensions of an item plays a huge role while air travelling. The size, weight and packaging is very important.

  • Solar Panels are highly fragile and can be damaged easily. So it need proper packaging and careful handling.
  • Solar panels often have glass surface which can be very risky for transportation.
  • Then size and weight, bigger and heavier panels need special equipment to get load unload in an aircraft.


Can you bring solar panels on a plane? Well, TSA allows it but as stated above it majorly depends on the airline you are flying with. If your airline allows you to travel with solar panel, pack it precisely. Also remember Carrying solar panel involves risk and danger so be careful and take practical measures. For More Click Below :

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