Finnair Special Assistance

Finnair Special Assistance services

Are you planning to travel with Finnair and require special assistance for you or your co-passenger? Whether you have specific mobility needs or require additional support during your journey, you can easily trust Finnair. The airline provides a range of special assistance services ensuring that passengers with disabilities can travel with confidence and ease. From wheelchair assistance to assistance for visually impaired passengers, Finnair is dedicated to making your travel experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. So, let’s embark on this journey together and learn how to book special assistance with Finnair Services.

Grounds Behind Finnair Special Assistance Services

Discover Finnair’s motivation behind offering world-preferred special assistance services, which are designed to make your travel experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Understand the services provided by the airline that enable them to provide more readily available assistance to each passenger. Finnair Special Assistance services are specifically designed to provide additional support to passengers with disabilities, reduced mobility, or specific requirements. The airline works hard to make air travel accessible to all, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for every passenger through 

  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Airport Assistance
  • In-Flight Assistance
  • Service Animal Assistance
  • Baggage Assistance
  • Connecting Assistance
  • Assistance to Unaccompanied minors
  • Senior citizen Aid
  • Pregnancy assistance
  • Special Meals
  • Medical Aid
  • Mobility Aid

Finnair offers dedicated assistance according to passengers’ needs ensuring smooth mobility throughout their journey. Passengers will get proper assistance during the check-in procedures, security checks, boarding, and other airport-related processes. Book Finnair Special Assistance services and gain assistance from trained crew to provide personalized assistance during the flight, catering to passenger needs such as meal assistance, luggage storage, and ensuring overall comfort.

Time Restrictions 

Before booking special assistance with Finnair, it is crucial to assess the time restrictions provision that allows you ample time to make Finnair Special Assistance service requests. Consider the following factors to understand the timing and make a request accordingly:

  • Passengers who require assistance with walking, climbing stairs, or moving around the airport and aircraft need to submit the Finnair Special Assistance Service requests at least two days or 48 hours prior to the schedule.
  • Vision or Hearing Impairment passengers may need to notify about the special request up to 72 hours before departure. 

Passengers must share medical conditions, extra oxygen, or specific seating arrangements. The advance notification assists the airline in making all required arrangements like a wheelchair, crutches, or a guide cane during your travel. 

Eligibility Criteria

By identifying your unique requirements, Finnair can customize its assistance services to meet your needs effectively. Once you have determined your specific assistance needs, you can proceed with booking special assistance. However, passengers who have visual or hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities, mobility impairments, or medical equipment aid during the flight are eligible to request Finnair Special Assistance Service. The service is available to passengers with valid authorized tickets. 

Note: Passengers making a special assistance request for a group booking may need to communicate with the airline representative with the confirmation code and medical certificate of each passenger.


Finnair, a reputable airline known for its exceptional customer service, offers Special Assistance Services to accommodate passengers with disabilities, medical conditions, or unique needs. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey, the airline requires certain documents that validate your eligibility for Finnair Special Assistance Services. The documents will be implemented by the airline to better understand passenger wants and validate physical traits. Take advantage of Finnair’s exceptional personalized support services customized to your individual needs when booking your next ticket. The airline’s dedication to your comfort and convenience allows you to unwind, sleep, and have a stress-free travel experience. Continue reading to learn about the documentation required to book Finnair Special Assistance Services:

  • When traveling to domestic or international destinations, a valid passport is a must with at least six months of validity from the planned date of departure.
  • Passengers with severe medical conditions that may restrict their ability to travel or necessitate additional assistance should acquire a medical certificate or fit-to-fly certificate from an authorized healthcare center.
  • To receive medical aid under the Finnair Special Assistance Service program, passengers will need to submit medical letters or prescriptions that state the name, the medication’s name, dosage instructions, type of impairment, and any other relevant details.
  • Finnair advises passengers to obtain a visa or travel authorization before their journey based on destination and nationality, as the airline cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from the lack of proper documentation. 
  • Finnair encourages passengers requiring special assistance to complete an Accessibility Assistance Request Form. Passengers traveling with a pet need to submit vaccination records, breed authorization certificates, and other relevant documents.

Preparing the required documents for Finnair Special Assistance Services ensures a smooth and comfortable journey. From passports and identification to medical certificates and travel insurance, all documents will help the airline to identify the type of service the passenger needs. Passengers may travel with confidence on Finnair with proper documentation in hand. 

Benefits of Booking Finnair Special Assistance Services

Passengers who select Finnair Special Assistance Services have access to a number of services that enhance their travel experience. The special assistance team is dedicated to providing personalized support, ensuring comfort and convenience during air travel. With Finnair’s assistance, passengers with a disability can easily navigate the airport, from check-in to boarding, making their travel experience stress-free. Passengers who require special assistance tend to receive priority boarding, allowing them to relax and avoid any excessive queues or congestion. The trained team will provide additional care during the flight, assisting with meals, seating arrangements, and other in-flight needs. 

Types of Finnair Special Assistance Services

Ensuring equal access to air travel is a core value for Finnair. Their accessibility services are thoughtfully designed to empower passengers with disabilities, mobility limitations, or special needs. Finnair recognizes the importance of inclusivity and strives to provide a seamless travel experience for everyone. The representatives are highly trained in handling various types of special services and will guide you throughout the journey to minimize your concerns. Let us explore the type of assistance provided by Finnair to comfort passengers with mobility challenges and other health concerns. 

Wheelchair Assistance

Getting on and off the aircraft can be a challenging task for people who have physical limitations or restricted mobility.  The airline provides full wheelchair assistance services, allowing travelers to navigate the airport and board the flight with comfort. With Wheelchair Special Assistance Services, the passenger can easily access restrooms and complete disembarking procedures. Finnair’s commitment to providing priority boarding and tailored service, assuring comfort above the clouds. 

Pregnancy and Elderly Assistance

Pregnant passengers and senior citizens require extra care during air travel. Finnair offers pre-boarding services, allowing you to board the aircraft before other passengers. To minimize limitations, the airline provides special seating arrangements, spacious aisles, and accessible lavatories that ensure a pleasant journey for elderly and pregnant passengers. Passengers with specific dietary requirements can rest assured thanks to Finnair Special Assistance Services. The airline offers a wide range of special meal options to cater to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more.

Hearing and Vision Impairment Assistance

The airline is committed to enhancing accessibility for passengers with hearing and vision impairments. Finnair provides special assistance for those with these challenges, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience. From assisting visually challenged passengers to providing visual aids and announcements to hearing impaired passengers, the airline helps travelers have a pleasant flying experience. Language is never a barrier with Finnair; the airline facilitates effective communication with passengers regarding critical information using printed cards, video, and audio announcements.

Unaccompanied Minors Assistance

Parents never have to worry about their young children traveling alone with Finnair since it offers the greatest support service. Your unaccompanied minors’ safety and comfort are the airline’s top priorities when you reserve Finnair Special Assistance services. Minors are accompanied by highly skilled staff members from check-in to arrival who offer constant supervision and care. The airline makes every effort to make transfers as easy as possible, allowing unaccompanied minors to hop between connecting flights.

Medication and Oxygen Assistance 

Passengers requiring medications or medical equipment during their journey can rely on the Finnair Special Assistance services. The airline provides guidance on carrying medications, medical devices, and necessary documentation, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. Passengers can request supplemental oxygen or use their own personal oxygen concentrators during the flight. 

Service Pets Assistance

Finnair ensures that your dog will be able to fly with you and provide comfort and support as needed. The crew members of Finnair will assist you without any challenges as you go through the airport and to your connecting gate with your service and emotional dogs. As long as they follow the airline’s policies, guide dogs, emotional support animals, and other certified service animals are permitted in the cabin. Book Finnair Special Assistance Services and fly with confidence. 

Service Pets Assistance

Methods to Book Special Assistance Services with Finnair

Passengers who book Finnair Special Assistance Services may travel with confidence, knowing that the airline will give the finest service tailored to their individual needs. Booking special assistance is a quick and breeze process with Finnair. To discover how to book special assistance with Finnair services, the traveler must first learn about the formal channels that the airline accepts. Passengers can schedule special assistance services via online and offline platforms. 

Online Methods

The airline understands the importance of inclusive travel and strives to provide exceptional services to passengers with unique needs. Whether you’re traveling with mobility challenges, medical requirements, or simply seeking extra support can trust Finnair. To book your service you need to go over the steps discussed here and Book Finnair Special Assistance services at your convenience. 

  • Browse the Finnair Airlines official website or open the mobile app.
  • Complete the login procedure using user credentials.
  • Navigate to the Manage My Booking section.
  • Input the passenger’s last name with the confirmation code.
  • Tap on the search tab and select the desired trip from the available options.
  • Next, look at the option to book the Finnair Special Assistance service.
  • Fill out the required form with applicable details such as travel date, type of service, reason, and other passenger details.
  • Explore the page and input the correct information as it will help you to gain the desired service.
  • Review the form and submit it while making the required payments including Finnair Special Assistance fees.
  • While requesting special assistance, ensure you provide detailed information about your specific requirements.
  • In the end, you will receive booking credentials on your registered IDs. 

Offline Methods

Booking special assistance with Finnair is a straightforward process that begins with contacting the dedicated Special Assistance team and providing them with the necessary details; you can ensure a seamless travel experience tailored to your specific needs. From wheelchair assistance to support for visually impaired passengers, Finnair goes the extra mile to make your journey comfortable and hassle-free. Execute the following steps and get your desired services to enjoy a journey full of happiness. 

  • Reach out to the Finnair special assistance team through the customer service numbers, ticketing office, and airport counter.
  • Submit relevant documents such as medical certificates, verification IDs, and other required documents.
  • Convey a piece of precise information on the type of special assistance services you require while submitting the Finnair Special Assistance service form.
  • The airline’s representative will start verifying your request and offer you the requested service based on the time and availability of the requested service.
  • Pay the required charges, once the payment is made you will get confirmation on your registered mobile number and email address. Keep it safe for future uses. 

Ways to add wheelchair assistance with Finnair

Before we discuss how to add wheelchair assistance in Finnair, it’s vital to understand that passengers can do so at the time of booking and at least 48 hours before departure. The airline must be informed of any special assistance needs of the passenger. Passengers can add wheelchair service by contacting Finnair through email, website, sales center, customer service number, and other authorized counters. 

Finnair Special Assistance Charges

Finnair does not charge any fees for multiple assistance services. However, the passenger may need to pay Finnair Special Assistance fees to get wheelchair assistance. The charges will be calculated based on 

  • Reason behind wheelchair request
  • Time of request made
  • Types of wheelchairs requested

The airline does not charge any fees for personal assistance to elderly passengers. However, for medical equipment, the airline will charge a specific amount as Finnair Special Assistance fees. Passengers will also need to pay charges if they’re traveling with pets. Finnair may not charge any fee on passengers’ accounts who are willing to carry mobility devices. Most of the services are free or come with a nominal charge, for detailed and precise information make sure to communicate with the representative through the Finnair customer service number.

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Wind Up

Finnair Special Assistance Services highlight the airline’s commitment to making air travel as accessible, convenient, and comfortable as possible for passengers with restricted mobility and health limitations. The airline provides a variety of special assistance services, including wheelchair assistance and medical support.  Finnair supports passengers with severe food allergies by serving allergen-free meals and keeping to high safety regulations. Every step is illuminated by a golden light, which brings happiness and tranquility to passengers’ minds. Book your journey with Finnair and get personalized support services suited to your specific requirements. You May Read Also :

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel with Finnair Special Assistance Services without a medical or fit-to-fly certificate?

No. Passengers will need to submit medical and fit-to-fly certificates if they are willing to request Finnair Special Assistance Services.

Do I need to submit an Accessibility Assistance Request Form?

Yes. Passengers seeking assistance need to fill out the Finnair Accessibility Assistance Request Form.

Can I bring my own wheelchair when traveling with Finnair?

Yes. You can bring your own wheelchair when traveling with Finnair.

What documentation is required for traveling with a service animal on Finnair?

When traveling with a service animal on Finnair, you may be required to provide documentation to confirm the animal’s status as a certified service animal with vaccination records. 

Can I request special assistance for my elderly relatives traveling alone?

Yes. Finnair offers services for elderly passengers traveling alone. They provide assistance for seniors, including help during check-in, boarding, and transit.

Is there an additional charge for special assistance services with Finnair?

Finnair does not charge additional fees for most special assistance services. However, certain services such as extra legroom, wheelchair rental, portable oxygen, and service pet assistance come with Finnair Special Assistance fees. 

How can I request special assistance while booking a flight with Finnair?

When making your reservation, you may let the airline know if you want wheelchair assistance, have special dietary needs, or are traveling with a service animal. You can be in touch with them through the website, customer service number, and authorized sales centers. 

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