How to Book Special Assistance with KLM?

How to Book Special Assistance with KLM

Are you planning your next trip and looking for an airline that prioritizes your comfort and convenience? Look no further than KLM Airlines, a renowned carrier that not only takes you to your dream destinations but also goes above and beyond to provide exceptional special assistance services for passengers with disabilities. KLM Airlines has you covered whether you have mobility challenges, visual or hearing impairments, or simply need a little extra support for a comfortable journey. In this blog, we will delve into the world of KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services and explore how they ensure a seamless travel experience for all passengers.

Thesis on Special Assistance Services available with KLM

KLM Airlines encompasses a wide range of facilities and support systems designed to make air travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone regardless of their disability type. Passenger sense relief and freedom to explore the world with better and personal care offered under the KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services. To compensate for the agony of flying with a disability, the airline has formed alliances with brilliant brains and is providing assistance such as check-in, boarding, supply of dietary, personal assistance, wheelchair service, health care, and other healthcare services.

Importance of KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services

KLM Airlines has materialized special assistance services that cater to passengers with disabilities, infants, elderly travelers, vision impairments, medical conditions, hard of hearing, or autism spectrum. From the moment you book your ticket to the time you disembark at your destination, the dedicated team is committed to providing personalized assistance, ensuring a stress-free journey from start to finish. KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services ensure a safe and comfortable journey while guiding a personal touch of exceptional service. The airline’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in the comprehensive accessibility features available throughout the travel process which provides a seamless experience to passengers traveling with disabilities. 

Kind of Special Assistance Services available with KLM

The airline understands that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to special assistance services. Every passenger’s needs are unique, KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services welcomes passengers with disabilities from the moment they arrive at the airport. The airline’s trained personnel are readily available to offer assistance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey. Through their special assistance services, the airline assists needy passengers with boarding, deplaning, and navigating the airport terminals. By offering pre-flight assistance, airport support, in-flight services, and more, the airline ensures that passengers requiring special assistance feel confident and empowered throughout their travel experience. Let’s take a closer look at Special Assistance Services available with KLM.

Wheelchair Assistance

  • KLM offers wheelchair assistance for passengers who have difficulty walking long distances or navigating the airport.
  • Trained professionals will accompany you through security checks, immigration, and any necessary transfers within the airport. 
  • Passengers who booked wheelchairs under KLM Airlines Special Assistance services will receive priority boarding, allowing them extra time to settle into their seats and prepare for the flight ahead.
  • Both manual and electric wheelchairs are available, depending on your specific requirements.
  • The KLM Airlines Wheelchair Assistance rental service is available from check-in through boarding and disembarkation.

Elder and Pregnant Passenger Assistance

  • Passengers are permitted to bring necessary medications on board and to avoid any complications carry a valid prescription or a doctor’s note for their medications.
  • KLM Airlines Special Assistance services prioritize passenger safety and well-being, and the cabin crew members will respond promptly and effectively to any medical complications.
  • The airline provides dedicated staff members who will guide you through security checks, immigration, and boarding procedures, ensuring a stress-free journey.
  • Passengers will get assistance during meal preparation and will gain seats that are strategically located to provide easy access and greater comfort. 

Infant Assistance

  • KLM offers baby bassinets in certain seating areas to keep babies comfortable during long, medium, and short-haul flights.
  • The airline provides a variety of special meals to satisfy varied dietary preferences; passengers flying with infants can select a diet based on the baby’s health.

Unaccompanied Minors Assistance

  • KLM Airlines Special Assistance services offer a dedicated staff member who will guide and support the children traveling alone throughout the journey, ensuring their safety and comfort. 
  • The KLM Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Assistance service is available only with a birth certificate and consent letter. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in safe hands even with connecting flights.
  • From delicious snacks to nutritious meals, the airline ensures that unaccompanied minors have a delightful dining experience onboard while enjoying a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games.

Mobility Device Assistance

  • KLM Airlines boasts spacious cabins that allow for easy maneuverability as it is beneficial for passengers with mobility challenges or those who rely on assistive devices such as crutches or walkers. 
  • Book KLM Airlines Special Assistance services to boost your confidence and assist you in earning comfort while eliminating your mobility concerns through spacious seats.
  • The dedicated cabin crew members are available to provide assistance with mobility and personal care throughout the journey. They will help you with moving around the cabin, using the lavatory, or accessing your personal belongings.

Hearing and Visual Impairments

  • KLM provides special assistance for passengers with hearing or visual impairments. They receive priority check-in and security screening, minimizing wait times and ensuring a smooth transition through airport procedures.
  • The airline offers various accommodations to ensure effective communication and a pleasant in-flight experience such as providing assistance in locating and identifying in-flight amenities.
  • KLM Special assistance to those with hearing impairments through various means, including sign language interpretation and visual aids while the vision-impaired passengers gain important notification braille cards. 

Pet Assistance

  • KLM Airlines encourages travelers traveling with emotional support or service dogs, whether they are guide dogs for the visually impaired or assistance animals trained to assist individuals with mobility or medical concerns. 
  • When flying with KLM Airlines, you can bring your assistance dog on board, as long as you comply with the airline’s guidelines and inform them in advance. 
  • The airline ensures that proper arrangements are made to accommodate you and your furry companion during the journey.
  • Cargo travel for your pet companions requires additional arrangements and compliance with specific regulations. To do this, consider scrolling some beans with KLM Airlines Pet Policy.

Medical Assistance

  • KLM Airlines is committed to providing exceptional special assistance services to passengers with disabilities or medical support.
  • If you require assistance with medication administration, oxygen supply, or any other medical requirement, the airline’s dedicated medical team will work closely with you to meet your needs. 
  • KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services essential medical equipment, such as CPAP machines or portable oxygen concentrators on board by charging nominal fees.


Passengers will gain peace, comfort, luxury, and a pleasurable journey by booking KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services. To get the desired service passengers need to submit

  • Fit to fly certificate
  • Latest Health Records
  • Medical certificates
  • Identification IDs
  • Tags (for pets)
  • Vaccination records (for pets)
  • Birth certificate (for unaccompanied minors)
  • Valid tickets
  • A letter confirming disability approved by the authority
  • Doctor’s letter (for pregnant passengers)

To ensure a seamless experience, it is essential to consider the pre-booking timeframes for special assistance services offered by KLM Airlines. Note, the airline does not charge any extra fees for most special assistance services. However, the services are offered in the FIFO method, which means you need to communicate with KLM at least two to three days before scheduled departure.

Time Restrictions for KLM Special Assistance Services

While KLM Airlines strives to provide exceptional service to all passengers, it is essential to be aware of the time restrictions associated with certain special assistance services. Understanding these time restrictions will help you plan your journey more effectively. Here are some key points to keep in mind for a business trend:

  • To ensure that your special assistance requirements are met, it is advisable to book KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services in advance. 
  • For services such as wheelchair assistance and special meals, it is recommended to book at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure time.
  • Be mindful to make the request at the time of reservation as it allows the airline to make the necessary arrangements and allocate resources.
  • It is crucial to obtain approval from the designated authority if you require medical assistance during your journey, you will need to request medical assistance at least 72 hours prior to departure. 
  •  For families traveling with children, KLM recommends booking special services, such as baby bassinets or unaccompanied minor assistance, as early as possible.

Most of the special assistance services are not available on the same day of departure, so be mindful to request KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services early.

Booking Methods to Add KLM Special Assistance Services 

KLM Airlines encourages passengers to communicate their needs to the cabin crew so that they can receive appropriate assistance. The crew members are compassionate and attentive, ensuring that your journey is as comfortable as possible. Yes, you heard right we are discussing the benefits of KLM Special Assistance Services. The airline understands the importance of convenience when it comes to booking special assistance services. To cater to the diverse preferences of passengers, the airline offers both online and offline methods for adding these services. Let’s explore these options to discover how to book special assistance services with KLM Airlines:

Online Booking Method

Booking special assistance services online is a quick and convenient option. During the online booking process, passengers have the opportunity to select their preferred special assistance services and provide necessary details without leaving their ecosystem. 


  1. Logging into the KLM Airlines account via the website or using their mobile app.
  2. Passengers need to navigate the “Manage My Booking” section.
  3. Input booking credentials and select the journey.
  4. Scroll down to add special assistance services based on their requirements.
  5. Attach relevant documents such as health certificates, ticket numbers, passenger names, disability types, and many more.
  6. Review the input while submitting the KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service form.

Offline Booking Method

For passengers who prefer a more personalized approach or require additional assistance, offline booking options are available. They can contact the KLM Airlines customer service team via phone or email to request special assistance services at their convenience.


  • Contact the team through the customer service number. 
  • The customer service representatives will guide the booking process and ask you to submit relevant information such as
    • booking number, departure date, destination, departure airport, passenger name, type of service, disability type, medical certificate, and other required documents.
  • Share documents, and pay applicable charges along with KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service fees.
  • The agent will submit the form on your behalf and in the end, you will receive confirmation mail on your registered IDs.
  • Keep the confirmation ID safe for future purposes and be mindful to contact the KLM Airlines customer service team as early as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service Charges

Traveling with special needs requires careful planning and understanding of the associated charges. The airline offers one of the best care to passengers requesting KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service, some services are offered for free and some will attract minimal charges. Keep rolling with the breakdown to understand the KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services fees to help you make informed decisions for a stress-free journey.

  • The airport wheelchair assistance is provided free of charge, however, the airline will impose fees for wheelchair rental service.
  • Medical oxygen is available on KLM Airlines flights for a charge. 
  • You may be required to pay KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service fees in order to transport your pet friends. 
  • Personal assistance to elderly and pregnant passengers is free of charge. The charges for selecting a seat with extra legroom vary based on the flight duration, class, and availability.
  • Some assistance services offered to unaccompanied minors are presented for free if the service is booked ahead of time.
  • Passengers may need to pay up to USD 500 as KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service Charges based on the services they choose and the mode of request.

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Wind Up

The airline stands out to prioritize passenger comfort and satisfaction by offering a wide range of assistance services, they cater to the diverse needs of their passengers. For those who may not have added special assistance services during the booking process or have last-minute requirements, there is no need to worry. Upon arrival at the airport, you can approach the KLM Airlines counter or customer service desk to request the necessary assistance. The dedicated staff members will assist you in adding the required services to your booking and make the arrangements to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey. You will never be out of comfort if you have requested the KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service within the allowed time frame. Fly with confidence and rest your anxiety with a bloom of blue skies. Click Below for more :

Frequently Asked Question

How to add wheelchair assistance in KLM Airlines through offline modes?

You can request wheelchair assistance from KLM Airlines by contacting the designated team through the customer service number, desk, and email.

Can I request a wheelchair and medical assistance services at the last minute?

KLM Airlines aims to accommodate all passengers’ needs, it is recommended to request special assistance services such as a wheelchair or medical support at least 48 hours before departure.

What documents or forms are required when traveling with an unaccompanied minor?

When traveling with an unaccompanied minor, you will need to provide birth certificates, consent forms, and other requested documents.

Can I request multiple special assistance services?

Yes. You can request multiple special assistance services from KLM Airlines by informing them in advance.

What types of pets are allowed in the cabin on KLM Airlines?

KLM Airlines allows small dogs, cats, and birds in the cabin, there are specifications regarding the weight and size of the pet. Use the cargo service if you are unable to bring your pet into the cabin.

Can I request a specific type of special meal?

KLM Airlines offers a variety of special meals to cater to different dietary preferences such as vegetarian, gluten-free, or lactose-free. Choose the meal that best suits your health by paying the associated fees. 

Does KLM Airlines offer special assistance services to passengers with autism spectrum or cognitive disabilities?

Yes. KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services are available to all passengers with disabilities. In order to achieve this, they must supply the necessary paperwork and make proper arrangements in advance.

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