Is Avelo Airlines Safe?

Avelo Airlines Loveland Office in Colorado

Avelo Airlines previously known as Casino Express Airlines and Xtra Airways, is an ultra low-cost United States Carrier. Under the rebranded name “Avelo” the airlines stared operating flights in April 2021.

We all have question Is Avelo Airlines Safe ? Avelo is an ultra-low-costcarrier based in California, United States. Avelo is relatively a new airline in the air travel industry. So, passengers often question Is Avelo Airlines Safe, how safe is Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines Safety Regulations

Like every airlines in United States, Avelo Airlines has also successfully passed all the rules and regulations set by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Avelo Airlines gives great emphasis on consumer service and pocket-friendly air travel. The airlines also prioritize its safety measures by doing regular aircraft maintenance, high quality training programs for pilots and flight crew.

How safe is Avelo Airlines?

Although Air travel has some sort of risk every time you travel. Avelo Airlines is considered a safe and affordable option for domestic United States travel. The customer service is friendly and considerate.

Is Avelo Airlines Safe In 2023?

As of 2023, Avelo hasn’t had any major accidents or failures just some minor incidents. Avelo Airlines undergoes regular inspections by well recognized authorities such as FAA. So, Avelo is safe to travel in the year 2023.


Like any other airlines Avelo has to follow the safety conduct set by the aviation authorities. So,to answer the question Is Avelo Airlines safe? and how safe is Avelo Airlines? Are, it is as pretty safe option to air travel and hasn’t had any major incidents. Also, as passengers you must follow the safety instructions provided by the air crew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Avelo air so cheap?

Avelo Air offers a range of fare type. It has some cheap and affordable ticket options and every service from carry-on bags to checked luggage requires additional charges.

Is Avelo a real airline?

Yes, Avelo is a relatively new airline. It started operating in the year 2021 under the rebranded name Avelo.

Who is Avelo Airlines owned by?

Avelo Airlines is under Avelo, Inc. Founded by Andrew Levy who is also the chairman and CEO.

How old are Avelo Airlines planes?

Average age of an Avelo fleet is 15 years.

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