Is Delta Airlines Safe?

Is Delta Airlines Safe

Delta Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, a prominent United States Airlines. Founded in the year 1924, The airlines operates to about 325 destinations in the world with positive customer service.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) has named it the best North American airlines several times. But still some people ask, Is Delta Airlines Safe? How safe is Delta Airlines? In this post we will provide details regarding these questions.

Details About Delta Airlines Safety

Yes, Delta Airlines is a very safe and reliable. It has maintained a good safety record in the past couple of years. Delta is known to prioritize safety and health. From regular flight maintenance, to proper training of pilot and crew to inspections it does it all.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic the airlines followed all the norms and showed great commitment towards passengers’ health and safety. It ran its own disinfecting program called Delta Clean. Masks were mandatory and social distancing was followed.

All in all the airlines has maintained its high quality safety and heath standards.

Delta Airlines Safety Certificates

The airlines has earned various certifications and approvals regarding safety from aviation authorities all around he world.

  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has approved of the airlines. Delta follows all the safety and security regulations set by the administration.
  • Its a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), an international body to regulate safety and security during air travel.
  • Delta Airlines also has the approval of EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency).

Delta carries all the necessary documentation and certification to operate flights worldwide.

How Safe Is Delta Airlines?

Air Travel always include some sort of risk. No Airlines is prone to such risks and Delta has also had its fair share of technical issues and disturbances.

But in the past few years the airlines has never had any major accidents, although some minor incidents has occurred:

In 2017, some passengers and crew were injured while travelling, there was some turbulence issue so the flight diverted to Tokyo, and injured were treated.

In 2015 a Delta flight crashed into a fence while landing causing few people to get injured.

So, Is Delta Safe In 2023?

Air travel can never be fully safe. But with Delta accidents and incidents is a rare thing. The airlines is a well reputed and recognized. It is very safe and reliable option  to travel in 2023.

The airline is both safe and sustainable. By 2030, it has even set the goal to become carbon neutral.

A Final Note

Is Delta Airlines Safe? How safe is Delta Airlines? Hopefully, these questions were answered. The airlines is very safe and reputable. Also known for its customer friendly services. But as passengers, it is your responsibility to follow safety protocols seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is flying safe with Delta?

Yes, Delta is very safe airlines to travel.

Is Delta a good airline?

Delta Airlines has a customer friendly and efficient service. And is often praised by its passengers. 

What is Delta Airlines known for?

One of the oldest operating airlines and now probably the biggest United States airlines. Delta is known for its high quality service and efficiency.

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