Is Porter Airlines Safe?

Is Porter Airlines Safe

Yes, Porter Airlines is considered a safe airlines. The airlines began operating in the year 2006, and since then has never had any major accidents.

If you want to know details regarding How safe is Porter Airlines? and Is Porter Airlines Safe? Keep reading.

About Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines is a Canadian carrier based in Toronto. Known for its high quality customer service and facilities. The airlines flies relatively sustainable aircraft as they are fuel efficient and create less noise.

Other than Canada, the airlines operates flight to destinations in United States as well. The airlines has build its brand around environment friendly and high quality, safe service.

Past Incidents or Accidents

Porter airlines carry a brilliant safety record. It hasn’t had any major accidents since it started operating. But there have been some minor technical issues and disturbances in past couple of years. In the year 2014, severe turbulence caused some passengers and crew to get injured.

The injured were treated shortly after. This happened during a flight from Toronto to Halifax. It is important to mention that no Airlines is completely risk prone, Air travel always involves some level of risk. But the airlines handled all the issues in a competent and appropriate manner.

Safety Certifications

The airlines is certified and approved to be considered safe. IATA (International Air Transport Association) an international authority recognizes the airlines to be safe and secure.

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), it passes all the regulations set by the Canadian authority. It meets all the requirements and inspections to fly commercial airlines.

How Safe Is Porter Airlines?

The airlines has shown great commitment towards safety of passengers and crew. It operates Bombardier Q400 aircraft which is highly advanced and modern aircraft. It is equipped with various security features.

The airlines also provide proper training to its pilots and crew. It emphasizes on regular inspections and maintenance of its aircrafts. All in all it follows all the protocol and measures to be considered safe.

Is Porter Airlines Safe in 2023?

Absolutely, porter airlines is a very safe and reliable option to fly with in the year 2023. All because of its modern fleet, sustainability and high quality service.


To conclude the post and answer your questions such as Is Porter Airlines Safe? How safe is Porter Airlines? Is yes, it is a safe Airlines. Also, the passengers are advised to follow all the safety rules instructed by the official.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to fly Porter Airlines?

Yes, Porter Airlines is a very safe and reliable Airlines with positive customer service and facilities.

What kind of airline is Porter?

It is a regional Canadian airlines, known for its sustainable, eco-friendly aircraft and comfortable services.

Is Porter a real airline?

Yes, Porter is a regional Canadian airlines that started its operation in the year 2006.

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