Is Southwest Airlines Safe?

Is Southwest Airlines Safe

Southwest Airlines, is the world’s largest low-fare carrier. Passengers often ask questions regarding its safety and security as its budgeted and cheap. South West is a United States-based airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Yes, Southwest is a safe and affordable option for air travel. In this post detailed information will be shared and questions such as Is Southwest Airlines Safe? How safe is Southwest Airlines? Will be answered.

How Safe Is Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines maintains a high-security culture. The airline gives great emphasis on its Safety Management System and has established a good safety record.

The airline flies just one type of aircraft (the Boeing 737), with satisfactory and reliable customer service.

The airline has had some incidents and accidents noteworthy:

  • In 2018, a flight had an engine failure, which led to one death and a couple of injuries. The passengers had to be ejected through a broken window which resulted in FAA intervention and inspections.
  • In 2005, an aircraft overran the runway and crashed into a car on the street. One person died in the car, and some were injured in the plane.

Air travel includes risks but these incidents and accidents cannot be ignored. The airlines showed great commitment and took important steps to improve the security system.

Safety Certifications And Approvals

  • FAA: Like every other US airline, Southwest has also passed all the regulations and measures set by the aviation authority. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ensures that every airline has the required safety measures and security.
  • IATA: the airline is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved and certified airline.

The airlines carry all the necessary certification and approvals to be considered safe.

Safety Measures By Southwest Airlines

The airlines operate young aircraft with modern facilities and upgraded models. The aircraft have an average age of 11 years.

Southwest focuses on regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the aircraft’s good condition.

The airlines also show dedication towards proper training and education of pilots and crew.

Is Southwest Airlines safe in 2023?

Absolutely, Southwest is a safe and reliable carrier in the year 2023. It’s a low-cost airline with efficient flying. In the big year of 2023, it takes all the necessary steps and follows all the required measures to be considered safe and secure.


In this post answers to questions such as Is Southwest Airlines Safe? How safe is Southwest Airlines? Were answered. The airline is safe and affordable with an efficient business model and good customer service. Overall, you can fly with the airline but as a passenger make sure to follow all the security measures and protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Southwest Airlines Safe to Fly?

Yes, Southwest Airlines is a pretty safe and reliable airline to fly with.

What are the negatives of Southwest Airlines?

As it’s a budgeted carrier, you need to pay for all the services such as food or in-flight entertainment.

Is Southwest one of the safest airlines?

In the United States, Southwest is considered one of the safest low-fare carriers. Known for its efficient operations and customer service.

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