Is Turkish Airlines Safe?

Is Turkish Airlines Safe

Yes, Turkish Airlines is usually considered a safe option to travel. The airlines is one of the oldest operating carriers, founded in the year 1933.

Known for its experience and reliability. The airlines operates more than 350 aircrafts. So, passengers travel by Turkish Airlines often ask questions, Is Turkish Airlines Safe?, How safe is Turkish Airlines? In this post we will discuss about the safety and reliability of this flag carrier.

Turkish Airlines Certifications

Turkish Airlines passes all the safety regulations and meet the security standards of international authorities such as IATA (International Air Transport Association). IATA approves the airlines for being completely safe and reliable.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), another international authority for airlines. Approved of Turkish Airlines to be safe. Turkish Airlines is also a part of star alliance, the biggest airline alliance in the world.

How Safe Is Turkish Airlines?

The airlines has a great commitment towards safety and security. If talking practically, it has also met some major and minor accidents but they took necessary steps to improve it.

In the past couple of years the airlines had some notable incidents:

  • In the year 2017, a Turkish Airlines cargo crashed which led to the death of 4 crew members and 35 people on the ground.
  • The airlines also had a major accident killing about 938 passengers. This brought a huge change in the airlines security measures.
  • In year 2009, a flight crashed killing 9 people and injuring 86.

Not saying, these were justified but Air travelling involves some risk. It is not fully safe. Turkish Airlines is a reliable and safe airlines which had worked heavily on its safety protocols and leaned from its mistakes.

Is Turkish Airlines Safe in 2023?

In this year of 2023, Turkish Airlines is considered very safe and secured. They have maintained a high quality travel experience with little to less incidents.

The airlines flies modern aircrafts with upgraded features and safety measures.

The final verdict

Turkish Airlines is a well respected and high maintenance five star airlines. It is generally considered safe. But as a passengers it is also your responsibility to follow safety protocols and measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turkish Airlines Safe to travel?

Yes, Turkish Airlines is considered pretty safe to travel by Air.

What rank is Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is one of the top ranked airlines all around the world. If offers great experience and safety.

Is Turkish Airlines 5 star?

Turkish Airlines is a highly experienced 5 star carrier. Known for a high maintenance and luxury travel.

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