Is United Airlines Safe?

Is United Airlines Safe

United Airlines,one of biggest airlines in the world. It is a United States based carrier headquartered in Chicago. United Airlines is a critically and commercially well-appreciated Airlines. Founded in the year 1926, serves over 350 destinations. A widely recognized Airlines.

But some passengers still ask, Is United Airlines safe? Yes, it is a safe carrier to air travel. In this post we will discuss about safety regulations and how safe is United Airlines?

United Airlines Safety Certifications

United Airlines passes various security conducts and regulations set by worldwide recognized authorities.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved airlines. Like every other airline in the United States, united airlinesis also subjectedto regular inspections and safety checks by the FAA.
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA a global aviation authority also certifies the United airlines safety measures.
  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC) also authorizes the airlines to operate flights worldwide.

Overall, it holds plenty of certifications and approvals to be considered safe.

How safe is United Airlines?

Keeping in the mind the airlines shape and sizethe occurrence of incidents and accidents is kind of predictable. The airlines have never had any major technical accident. But there have been some issues worth mentioning.

  • Most recent one 2018, a United airlines flight engine failed. Although the plane landed safely and no one was injured still, it was very risky and dangerous.
  • In 2001, two flights were hijacked as a part of 9/11 terrorist attack. It was a very traumatizing incident. A United airlines flight flown into the world trade centre. And another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

But overall the airlines prioritizes safety and security of passengers and crew. These were past incidents which led to a severe commitment towards safety.

Is United Airlines safe in 2023?

No airlines are fully safe, but United Airlines without a doubt is a very safe option. One of the top-rated airlines, it operates top-rated and up-graded aircrafts. With average fleet having a 15.1 year of age.

So, in the year of 2023 it is considered a safe and reliable option to air travel.

Reasons For Safety Issues

  1. Bad aircraft maintenance, one of the key reasons a flight may breakout mid-air. It happens due to the carelessness of airlines.
  2. Under trained pilots and crew, a proper training is needed to control and instruct a flight. Airlines is supposed to employ well trained and competent personnel.
  3. Air traffic, can be also a reason in safety disruption. It distracts the operation of flights.

There are some other reasons as well due to which a safety issue may occur. Along with Airlines passengers should also follow the safety instructions properly.


Is United Airlines safe? Yes, as stated above it is a safe Airlines. How safe is United Airlines? Quite safe considering its safety measures and conduct. It has a good safety record and also a member of Star alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is United a safe airline to fly?

Yes, United airlines is a safe Airlines to fly with. A well experienced and established airlines.

Is United Airlines a good Airlines?

United Airlines is considered a good Airlines with positive feedbacks and reviews.

Is American Airlines or United better?

Depends on the metrics. Both the airlines are pretty good and safe. As of 2023, American Airlines beats United in various categories.

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