Royal Air Maroc Name Change Policy

Royal Air Maroc Name Change Policy

A name change or correction on the flight ticket is a common issue. Many airlines allow their passengers to make minor changes such as spelling errors free of cost, they don’t charge extra. But major changes such as changing the passenger name altogether can be an issue. You may get charged extra or not allowed to do so. Royal Air Maroc Name Change Policy varies depending on the airline.

Royal Air Maroc or RAM is a flag carrier airline of Morocco, headquartered in Casablanca. Founded in the year 1953, the airline is in full control of the Moroccan government. It operates a wide range of both domestic and international flights to destinations throughout North America, South America, Middle East Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Different airlines have different policies and charges, and some may allow it some may not. Royal Air Maroc, does allow name change but there are certain terms and conditions.

Important Guidelines Regarding Royal Air Maroc Name Change Policy

Royal Air Maroc name change can vary depending on the reason and the type of ticket you bought.

  1. Name changes may not be allowed for non-refundable or non-transferable types of tickets.
  2. Minor corrections such as spelling errors are not a big issue, and can usually be made free of cost.
  3. However, major changes such as changing the name can be an issue. It may require additional charges or restrictions. These changes are only allowed under specific circumstances such as marriage or legal name change.
  4. The process of name change might take some time, documentation, and formal request. Supporting documents such as a marriage certificate or court order might be required.

You must contact the airlines as soon as you realize a name change is required. To make a name change, passengers are advised to contact Royal Air Maroc’s customer care service or visit the authorized ticketing office.

Royal Air Maroc Name Correction Policy

In terms of Royal Air Maroc name change policy, the airline allows its passengers to make changes to their name on a ticket if there is some spelling error, a name change due to a marriage ceremony, or if the name was entered incorrectly during the flight booking process. However, name changes are not allowed for security purposes, and tickets will not be transferred to another person’s name.

Steps you can follow for a Royal Air Maroc Name Change

To apply for a name change with RAM Airlines you can follow these steps:

  1. Customer service- Reach out to the airline’s customer service. You can call them via the phone number or Email them. They will instruct you on how to proceed with the Royal Air Maroc name correction policy.
  • Visit the ticket office- You can visit the authorized ticketing office and explain the issue to the representative, they will guide you further.
  • Proper documentation- You will have to provide supporting documents, depending on the reason for your name change.
  • Royal Air Maroc name change fee- Minor changes are free of cost but major changes or your ticket type may require additional charges.
  • Review the new ticket- Once you are done with the name change process a new ticket will be issued. Review the details carefully to ensure that every detail is correct.

Royal Air Maroc Name Change Fee guidelines

Minor changes or corrections are usually free of cost. But depending on the circumstances, some additional fees may be applied.

It’s important to keep in mind that Royal Air Maroc’s policies regarding name changes depend on the subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check their official website or contact their customer service for the most valid and up-to-date information.

With the airline’s name change fee depends on the type of ticket and the reason for the change.

  1. Minor name changes such as spelling corrections are usually free of cost.
  • Major changes such as changing the name of the person may require fees.
  • The fees also depend on how close your departure date is.
  • If the airlines made an error, the passenger won’t have to pay.


Overall Royal Air Maroc is a well-reputed airline that offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, as well as comfortable and convenient travel-class options. In terms of Royal Air Maroc name change policy, it depends on the subject to change. So it is highly advisable to contact the airlines regarding name correction policy and fees, as in some cases some additional fees might be added. Click Below For More :

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my name to Royal Air Maroc?

Yes, you can correct your name with Royal Air Maroc. But under certain circumstances and security purposes, the name change might not be approved. So, contact the airlines as soon as you realize a name change is required.

How do I change my spelling mistake on an airline ticket?

Contact the airlines you are flying with and ask for the name correction. Spelling correction can be done free of cost just make sure to tell them it’s the same passengers and it was just a minor error.

How do I change my Royal Air Maroc middle name?

Contact the authorized ticketing office, or contact customer service. Tell the representative regarding the issue and they will help you.

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