What Terminal is Delta at JFK – John F Kennedy International Airport 

What Terminal is Delta at JFK - John F Kennedy International Airport 

John F Kennedy International Airport is one of the largest and the seventh busiest airports in the United States of America. Being a major international gateway, JFK handles a significant amount of both domestic and international air traffic through its six passenger terminals, which provides a range of services and amenities for travellers. 

If we particularly talk about Delta JFK Airport terminal, then the airline operates its flying carriers to and from terminal 4 at the airport. Passengers flying with Delta can enjoy a range of amenities and services. The airline offers different cabin classes  and also operates a loyalty program to benefit the travel plans of the travellers.

Delta Airlines Arrivals at Airport Code

Delta Airlines operates its arrivals from Terminal 4 at John F Kennedy International Airport. At this area, the passengers disembark from their flights and proceed through multiple arrival procedures including baggage. Some of the basic functions you can find at an arrivals terminal are immigration and customs, baggage claim, customer service counters, ground transportation, meet and greet areas, etc. 

Delta Airlines Departures at Airport Code 

Delta Airlines operates its departures from Terminal 4 at John F Kennedy International Airport, where the passengers check-in, go through security screening, and board their flights. The departures terminal serves as the starting point to embark on their flights, at which there are check-in counters, security screening, departures lounges, gate areas, baggage services, flight status displays, kind of services. 

Guide To What Terminal is Delta at JFK?

Passengers flying with Delta should proceed to terminal 4 for check-in. It’s always recommended to arrive at the airport well in advance of your scheduled departure time, especially for international flights. It’s important to keep your travel documents, such as passport or boarding pass easily accessible throughout the process. 

Airport Name JFK International Airport
Delta JFK Airport Terminal Terminal 4
Airport AddressJFK International Airport, Queens, NY 11430, USA
Airlines Websitehttps://www.delta.com/
Airport Websitehttps://www.jfkairport.com/
CityNew York
CountryUnited States

Levels at Delta Terminal JFK Airport 

Terminal 4 at John F Kennedy International Airport consists of four levels, each of which serves passengers with their different requirements. The four levels are as follows: 

  • First Level: The first and foremost level at terminal 4 JFK serves the arriving passengers of Delta Airlines, and provides access to the ground transportation system.
  • Second Level: Level two at the terminal 4 consists of several boarding gates, which the passengers can access after completing the check-ins at level four. 
  • Third Level: The third level consists of several security checkpoints which separates the departures from the concourse level. As this level consists of a variety of services, the passengers can also access the walkway which will further connect them to the arrivals level. Additionally, this level is home to two concourses which are as follows:
  • Concourse A: It has gates A3 to A5.
  • Concourse B: It has gates B20, B22 to B38, and B41 as well. 
  • Fourth Level: Last but not least, level four serves as a check-in area where the passengers go through the security check-ins to board their respective flights. 

Services at Delta Airlines JFK Terminal 

After getting an insight to what terminal is Delta at John F Kennedy, let’s have a look at the services provided at the arrivals and departures terminals by Delta Air Lines, which are as follows: 

Arrivals Terminal Facilities:

  • Baggage Claim: Facilities for retrieving checked luggage, including baggage carousels, baggage offices, and customer service counters for assistance with lost or damaged baggage.
  • Customs and Immigration: Immigration checkpoints for passport control and customs clearance, including customs declaration forms and assistance from immigration officers.
  • Ground Transportation: Access to ground transportation options such as taxi stands, rideshare pickup zones, public transportation services (buses, trains), car rental agencies, and parking facilities.
  • Information Desks: Staffed information desks where you can obtain general airport information, directions, and assistance with any queries or concerns.
  • Currency Exchange: Currency exchange facilities or ATMs for converting currency or obtaining local currency.
  • Passenger Assistance: Services for passengers with disabilities or special needs, including wheelchair assistance, accessible restrooms, and dedicated assistance personnel.

Departures Terminal Facilities:

  • Check-In Counters: Dedicated counters for Delta Air Lines where passengers can check in, obtain boarding passes, and drop off their checked luggage.
  • Security Screening: Security checkpoints for screening passengers and their carry-on bags, including X-ray machines, metal detectors, body scanners, and security personnel.
  • Departure Lounges: Comfortable seating areas, lounges, and amenities for passengers waiting for their flights, including restrooms, charging stations, Wi-Fi access, retail shops, duty-free stores, and restaurants.
  • Boarding Gates: Designated gate areas with seating, flight information display screens, and boarding announcements. Facilities may include priority boarding lanes for eligible passengers.
  • Passenger Services: Customer service counters for assistance with flight changes, rebooking, and general inquiries. Information desks, flight status display screens, and flight information display systems for up-to-date information.
  • Airport Lounges: Delta Sky Club lounges or other premium lounges for eligible passengers offering additional amenities, refreshments, business facilities, and a comfortable environment.
  • Child Care Facilities: Play areas or designated facilities for parents travelling with young children, including diaper-changing stations and family-friendly spaces.

Please note that specific services and amenities can vary, and Delta Air Lines may also provide additional services depending on the terminal and the level of service associated with your ticket class. It’s always advisable to check Delta’s official website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding services available at JFK Airport’s Delta terminals.

Lounges at Delta Terminal JFK Airport

There are several airline/airport lounges at the Delta JFK Airport Terminal, which offers passengers the facility to sit, relax, and take in the advantages it has to offer. However, it’s important to note that not all class passengers are eligible to access these lounges, and only a certain class is allowed, but if you still want to access the lounges, you can pay the required sum of fee. So, the list of lounges at terminal 4 is as follows: 

  • Wingtips Lounge
  • Centurion Lounge
  • The Emirates Lounge
  • The Residence by Etihad Suite
  • Air India Maharajah Lounge
  • Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse
  • Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club
  • SWISS Business Class Lounge
  • Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club
  • The King David First Class Lounge
  • The King David Business Class Lounge
  • Etihad Airways First & Business Class Lounge

Steps to Check-in at Delta Terminal JFK Airport 

There are several ways to check in at the Delta terminal at JFK Airport, which are as follows: 

  • Counter Check-In: Delta passengers can check in at the dedicated check-in counters located at the terminal. Simply approach the Delta Air Lines counters, present your travel documents for identification, and the Delta staff will assist you with the check-in process. You will receive your boarding pass, and if you have checked baggage, you can drop it off at the designated baggage drop area.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Delta provides self-service check-in kiosks at the terminal. These kiosks allow passengers to check in by following the on-screen prompts. You can scan your passport or enter your confirmation number, select your seat, and print your boarding pass. If you have checked baggage, you can then proceed to the bag drop area to hand over your luggage.
  • Online Check-In: Delta offers online check-in through their website or mobile app. You can check in for your flight and obtain your boarding pass from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Visit the Delta website or use their mobile app, enter your reservation details or SkyMiles number, and follow the instructions to complete the check-in process. You can then either print your boarding pass or choose the option to receive an electronic boarding pass on your mobile device.
  • Mobile Check-In: Delta’s mobile app allows you to check in for your flight directly from your smartphone. Download the Delta app to your mobile device, enter your reservation details or SkyMiles number, and follow the prompts to complete the check-in process. You can access your electronic boarding pass on the app, which can be scanned at security checkpoints and boarding gates. 

Ways to Move between Terminals at Delta Terminal JFK

There are a few ways to get from one terminal to another at JFK Airport’s Delta terminal, which covers all the passenger terminals at the destination. 

JFK AirTrain: The JFK AirTrain is a free automated train system that connects all terminals at JFK Airport. The AirTrain connects Terminals 2 and 4. The AirTrain runs at regular intervals and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To get to the stations, look for the AirTrain signs within the terminals.

Walking: If you choose to walk, you may get from one terminal to another via walkway. Outside the security area, a pedestrian walkway connects the terminals. Follow the signage to the walkway or ask airport personnel for assistance. Keep in mind that the distance between the terminals is relatively long, so plan ahead of time, especially if you have a tight connection. 

Delta Shuttle Bus: Delta operates a shuttle bus service that connects Terminals 2 and 4. The shuttle is primarily available for Delta passengers who are connecting between Delta flights. Look for the Delta Shuttle Bus signs or ask Delta staff for assistance. 


Exploring the Delta terminal at JFK Airport is an exciting and seamless experience that awaits travellers. With a range of convenient check-in options, comfortable departure lounges, and an array of passenger services, Delta ensures that your journey begins on a positive note. Whether you choose counter check-in, self-service kiosks, or the convenience of online and mobile check-in, Delta offers flexibility and efficiency to suit your preferences. 

So, get ready to embark on your journey with Delta at JFK Airport, where a world of possibilities awaits you. Enjoy the exceptional service and amenities that Delta Air Lines has to offer, ensuring a memorable and comfortable travel experience from start to finish.  Click Below For More :

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What terminal is Delta at JFK international?

Delta Air Lines operates its international arrivals and departures from terminal 4 at JFK.

2. How to get to JFK Terminal 2 to Terminal 4?

The passengers can use the Delta Shuttle bus to reach from terminal 2 to terminal 4 or vice versa at JFK Airport. 

3. How much time do I need between connecting flights for Delta at JFK?

The passengers will need at least two to three hours for domestic and three to four hours for international connecting flights of Delta at JFK. 

4. Can you go through security at Delta JFK Airport terminal?

Yes, the passengers can experience speedy check-in services available at Delta terminal JFK. 

5. Are there any airline lounges at Delta terminal JFK Airport?

Yes, there are several airline lounges at Delta Terminal JFK Airport. 

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