Can You Bring A Mirror On A Plane?

Can You Bring A Mirror On A Plane

Air travel has its own share of restrictions and regulations. Certain items and objects can be restricted due to security purpose. The mirror is one such item that may come under scrutiny.

In this post, we will discuss, whether Can you bring a mirror on a plane in detail. Generally, a mirror is allowed both in a carry-on or checked-in bag. But there might be certain points worth keeping in mind.

TSA Guidelines

As for TSA, the administration allows passengers to travel with a mirror both in checked-in or carry-on bags. But because mirrors can be a little dangerous and used as a weapon there are certain restrictions while taking it on board.

Check-in luggage

Any type of mirror is generally allowed in checked-in luggage. Even large, full length can be carried. But it is advisable to wrap it with a protective layer such as bubble wrap to prevent it from damage.

Carry On Luggage

As for carry-on bags, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has allowed mirrors to be carried. But there are certain regulations you need to follow such as mirrors with sharp edges or handles are restricted as they may act as potential weapons. Also, make sure your mirror is not very fragile or delicate.

Weight And Size

Different airlines have different dimensions for luggage. So it is necessary to consider the dimensions of your mirror. Also, read about the regulations of the airlines you are flying with as restrictions vary from airline to airline.

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Some other points you can keep in mind is that it is a very fragile item so, it is advisable to announce the mirror prior to onboarding at the Check-in counter. So that they can handle the item gently and safely.

Also, consider your international destination as some countries may have restricted mirrors due to cultural or religious reasons. So, to avoid any hurdle do your own research properly before traveling.


Can you bring a mirror on a plane? Yes, TSA allows mirror both in carry-on and checked-in bags but the final decision lies in the hand of the security personnel. Also, keep in consideration your mirror’s fragility, dimensions, and sharp handle to avoid any restrictions and hassle.

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