Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane

Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane

Nowadays Bluetooth has become an integral part of lives. But air travel is different, a little complicated. You don’t get to do your normal activities on a plane for obvious reasons. Usage of Bluetooth On airplanes is one such activity. It is surrounded by tons of rules and regulations.

In this post the topic of Can you use Bluetooth on a plane will be discussed in depth. The practical aspects, potential danger and restrictions will be shared.

Federal Aviation Authority Approval

In the year 2013, FAA the national aviation authority gave its approval to Bluetooth usage on a plane. But there are certain key points worth noting:

  • Enable airplane mode: You certainly can use Bluetooth devices on airplane as long as airplane mode is enabled on your device. This step disables all wireless connections including cellular ones.
  • Electronic devices can potentially interfere with the aircraft’s system. This can be threatening and risky, although modern aircrafts has advanced shielding still FAA asks for airplane mode to minimize any risk or damage.
  • Generally Bluetooth usage rules is set by the airline itself. It depends on the airlines you are flying with whether they allow passengers to use Bluetooth devices or not.

Bluetooth is wireless communication operated on radio frequency so it is necessary to known that although FAA allow its usage, individual airlines may have different rules and restrictions.

Different Airlines Policies On Bluetooth Usage

Mostly all major American Airlines allows Bluetooth usage on plane as long as flight mode is enabled. And it is advisable to use wireless headphones and earphones to avoid an sort of disturbance. Also it is necessary to follow crew instructions. In case they ask you to shut it down, compliance is expected.

Some airlines have different take, the use of Bluetooth device depends on flight phases. For example in international airlines like British Airways passengers may be asked to turn their device off during take-off, landing, taxiing and cruising, but you can use it other time.

Airlines like Lufthansa, Delta allows passengers to use Bluetooth all the time including take-off and landing.

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Well, can you use Bluetooth on a plane? Indeed you can. But remember the rules and regulations of using electronics in flight depends on the airlines you are flying with. All airline has different policies and restrictions, so you must know about these details prior to your travel. In case you don’t seek for assistance.

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