Does Swoop Airlines Allow Pets?

Does Swoop Airlines Allow Pets

Passengers traveling via swoop airlines often ask the question, Does Swoop Airlines allow pets? The simple answer is no, it does not. Swoop doesn’t accept pets either in a cabin or as checked baggage (cargo) to travel.

About Swoop Airlines

Swoop Airlines, is an ultra-low-cost Canadian airline owned by JetBlue, a Canadian carrier. The budgeted airline flies to destinations like North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The new airline was announced in 2017 by the parent company JetBlue, the Canadian airline only offers economy class cabins and charges extra money for any other service like food and Wi-Fi.

Swoop Airlines Pet Policy

With headquarters in Calgary Swoop is Canada’s first-ever ultra low-cost carrier. Now, Can you take pets on Swoop? The answer is No, Swoop airlines do not allow any kind of pet on their flight with trained and certified service animals being an exceptional case.

Even the service animals are only allowed if, they are certified and trained enough to accompany the person with any physical, mental, or emotional disability.

Does Swoop Charge Extra With Pet?

Although Swoop is a cheaper and more reliable option to fly, pet owners might have to rethink their decision if, they want their pet to accompany them while traveling.

As for service animals, they do not charge any extra cost for them to travel but charges related to your dog’s care and well-being are solely the passenger’s responsibility. Swoop doesn’t take any responsibility for incomplete documentation or fines and fees associated while carrying an animal.

Before 2021 emotional support animals were allowed to travel but from August 5th, 2021, Emotional support animals are no longer permitted to travel.

As for service animals swoop airlines only allows dogs to accompany their owner.

Terms and conditions while carrying a service dog in swoop airlines

  1. A service dog is solely the passenger’s responsibility. If the animal is being denied, quarantined or fined Swoop Airlines is not responsible.
  2. As the dog has been trained and certified, it should behave accordingly in flight to avoid inconvenience to other passengers
  3. It should be properly leashed or collared for the safety of fellow passengers.
  4. Swoop Airlines won’t allow the dog if it tries to attack other people, behaves inappropriately, and disobeys the norms.

So, Does Swoop Airlines allow pets? Remember they only allow service animals in case of a disability of the passenger and even then the animal has to be fully trained to travel. If the size of the dog can be an issue, let the airline know at least 48 hours (with proper documentation) before departure to avoid delay or denial in traveling.

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