Finnair Pet Policy

Finnair Pet Policy

When it comes to traveling with their beloved pets, Finnair understands the importance of ensuring their safety, comfort, and well-being. Finnair Pet Policy provides a reliable solution for transporting their furry companions, allowing passengers to embark on their journeys without worrying about their welfare.

Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, the airline understands the importance of keeping their furry companions by their side. In this blog, we delve into the ins and outs of the Finnair Pet Policy, exploring the guidelines, restrictions, and pet perks that will ensure a seamless travel experience with confidence.

A Quick Overview of Finnair Pet Policy 

Traveling can be a stressful experience for both pets and their owners. By allowing pets in the cabin, airlines aim to reduce the stress associated with separating from their beloved companion. Knowing that their pet is nearby and well-cared for throughout the journey can provide a sense of reassurance and peace of mind.

The Finnair Pet Policy specifies that before initiating the journey, take your pet for a thorough health check-up to ensure they are in good physical condition for travel. Additionally, give your pet a thorough grooming session to clean and groom their coat, ensuring they are comfortable throughout the journey.

Cargo carrier requirements

When opting for cargo travel, it’s essential to meet Finnair’s requirements for cargo carriers. These carriers must provide adequate space, ventilation, and security for their pet. Finnair provides guidelines on the maximum dimensions and weight allowed for cargo carriers, so it’s important to review these requirements before their trip.

According to the Finnair Pet Policy, extreme temperatures can pose risks to pets, so the airline prioritizes their safety by implementing temperature-related restrictions. Ensuring that their pet is comfortable and secure in its carrier will give passengers peace of mind throughout the journey. 

Breed restrictions

Finnair prioritizes the safety and well-being of all pets traveling on their flights. To ensure their comfort and minimize any risks, the airline has certain temperature and breed restrictions in place depending on their destination. In most scenarios, the airline may not allow pets with disease and restricted breeds to travel on certain flights or during specific times of the year. As per some country regulations, brachycephalic breeds of pets have additional restrictions due to health concerns.

Onboard Services

Traveling can be stressful for pets, but with proper preparation and care, passengers can help minimize their anxiety. Finnair recommends various tips and techniques to keep their pet calm and comfortable during the journey.

From familiarizing them with their carrier before the trip to packing their favorite toys or blankets, these small gestures can go a long way in ensuring a stress-free travel experience for their furry companion. The Finnair Pet Policy specifies that allowed pets are being supervised by experts and will be kept with the utmost security in a permitted cage to ensure comfort. 

Finnair Pet Policy for Layovers

Traveling with their pets is an incredible experience, and Finnair ensures that their furry friends can join passengers on their adventures. Layovers can be an opportunity to provide extra care and comfort for their pet. Through Finnair Pet Policy, the airline understands the importance of allowing pets to stretch their paws and relieve themselves during layovers.

Some airports even have pet relief areas or facilities where passengers can spend quality time with their pets. Utilizing these facilities will contribute to their pet’s overall well-being during the journey and help them to create crazy memories.

Cargo Travel Guidelines

When travelers arrive at their destination, they may begin exploring with their dogs regardless of size and weight. Under Finnair Pet Policy, the airline provides cargo transportation for bigger dogs or when the in-cabin alternative is insufficient.

The airline welcomes their pet to fly with passengers in a separate, temperature- and pressurized-controlled space dedicated to them. Since Finnair has put strong safeguards in place to ensure their pet’s safety during freight travel, adhering to these rules is crucial for a pleasurable journey. 

According to the Finnair Pet Policy, passengers need to submit health certificates and custom approval documents to transfer their pets to their desired destination. Passengers need to be aware of the customs and immigration regulations of their destination country. Some countries may have specific requirements or restrictions for traveling pets, such as quarantine periods or additional documentation. Researching and adhering to these regulations will ensure a smooth entry for their pet.

Finnair Pet Policy Restrictions on pet travel

One of the significant benefits of bringing their pet is the comfort and familiarity it provides. Pets are often more at ease when they can stay close to their owners during the flight. The familiar presence and scent of their owners can help alleviate stress and anxiety, ensuring a more relaxed travel experience for pets. However, there are some limitations mentioned in the Finnair Pet Policy on pet travel:

  • Small dogs and cats weighing up to 8 kg or 17 lbs are permitted in the cabin. Larger pets must travel in the cargo hold with customs documents.
  • Passengers’ pets must be comfortably housed in an airline-approved carrier that meets the specified dimensions.
  • Certain dog breeds such as brachycephalic breeds may have additional restrictions due to health concerns and the country’s regulations.
  • Passengers will need to ensure vaccinations and carry all necessary health certificates and documentation required by their destination country.
  • Finnair does not accept pets under the age of 8 weeks or older than 10 years, except for service dogs. 

When traveling internationally with their pet, having the correct documentation is vital to comply with immigration and customs regulations. According to the Finnair Pet Policy, passengers traveling with pets have a pet passport or other necessary documentation including identification tags and vaccination records.

Security checkpoint procedures

Passing through security checkpoints can be a daunting task, especially when traveling with a pet. Finnair Pet Policy has streamlined the security procedures for passengers with pets, ensuring a smooth process. Passengers may be required to remove their pet from its carrier during the security check, so practicing this beforehand can help reduce any stress for both passengers and their furry friends.

Pack a travel kit for their pet, including their regular food, treats, medications, leash, waste bags, favorite toy, or blanket which comforts pets during the journey. Carry an extra collar, leash, and identification tags as backups it will assist passengers in identifying their pets in any mishaps.

Finnair Pet Fees

Traveling with a pet on Finnair incurs additional fees. It’s important to familiarize himself with the pet travel fees to avoid any surprises when booking their ticket. The fees may vary depending on the travel option and the destination. Planning and budgeting for these fees will ensure a transparent and stress-free experience.

Contact the airline well in advance to inquire about their pet travel policies to make the necessary arrangements and pay Finnair Pet Fees along with other charges. Certain flights have limited capacity for pets, so securing their pet’s spot early is essential. 

Finnair Pet in Cabin Provision

Finnair charges a fee ranging from $50 to $150 per flight segment if their pet meets the size and weight requirements to travel in the cabin with you. The maximum weight allowed for in-cabin pets is typically 17.6 lbs (8 kg), including the weight of the carrier. Passengers traveling with small pets, including cats, small dogs, pet rabbits, tortoises, and hedgehogs by paying €60 for flights within Europe and €120 or $130 as Finnair Pet Fees for Intercontinental flights.

Finnair Checked Pet Provision

Finnair offers the option to transport them as checked baggage for pets that exceed the size and weight limits of 8 kg. The Finnair Pet Fees for checked pets vary depending on the flight route and can range from $150 to $300 per flight segment. The maximum weight allowed for a pet in the hold with the container is 75 kg for Finnair or 50 kg for Norra. Passengers will need to pay €120 for flights within Europe and €600 or $650 for Intercontinental flights.

Finnair Cargo Pet Provision

Finnair does allow pets as cargo that exceed the size and weight restrictions for both cabin and checked travel which means larger animals weigh exceeding 75 kg. Pets in cargo can cost between $200 and $500 per trip on Finnair, depending on where they are going and how big they are. The airline will charge up to $1500 for routes, weight, breeds, and body dimensions. 

Crucial Notes to Admire

Before making their reservation, review the Finnair pet policy to determine if their pet meets the requirements for the cabin, checked, or cargo travel. Reach out to customer service via phone or email to inquire about availability for pet travel on their desired flight.

During the booking process, passengers will be required to provide specific details about their pet, such as its breed, size, and weight. Passengers will need to provide certain documents such as health certificates or vaccination records to comply with local and international regulations. Finnair mandates that all pets traveling on their flights must have a pet passport or identification document. 

Reasons to Select Finnair

Finnair provides guidelines on the maximum dimensions and weight allowed for the carrier, so be sure to check these requirements before their trip. It’s essential to research the specific requirements of their destination country and ensure that passengers have all the necessary paperwork to avoid any complications during their journey. Consider exploring the mentioned points to learn more:

  • Finnair has a wealth of experience in transporting pets, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention throughout their journey. 
  • With an extensive network of destinations across Europe, Asia, and North America, Finnair Pet Policy offers numerous options for traveling with their pet. 
  • The airline will take care of passengers traveling with pets and make every arrangement to ensure a comfortable and safe environment. 
  • From check-in to arrival at the destination, the experienced crew member will take care of their furry companion. 
  • The carrier must be sturdy, well-ventilated, and leak-proof, ensuring that their pet remains secure and comfortable throughout the journey. 

Finnair Pet Documents Requirements

Planning a trip can be exciting, and it’s even more thrilling when passengers get to share the adventure with their furry friends. The airline welcomes pets on board, but before passengers embark on their journey, it’s essential to familiarize themselves with the documents required under the Finnair Pet Policy. Before packing their bags, let’s delve into the details and understand why pet documents are necessary for air travel.


  • Finnair recognizes the importance of pets as valued family members and permits their transportation, subject to certain rules and regulations. 
  • Under the Finnair Pet Policy, passengers will need to submit pet health, vaccination history, and identification, facilitating a safe journey.
  • Pet documents are important for a variety of reasons, including ensuring their pet’s safety and well-being, complying with international legislation, and safeguarding health.

Essential Documents

  • Microchipping their furry friend is strongly recommended as it provides a reliable and permanent form of identification.
  • A health certificate from a veterinarian is a fundamental requirement to travel with pets as it verifies that their pet is in good health and fit to travel.
  • Vaccination records are essential to demonstrate that their pet has received the necessary vaccinations to protect against common diseases such as rabies and other diseases.

Ways to book Finnair Pet Service

When planning to travel with their pet on Finnair, passengers must understand the reservation process as traveling with a pet requires additional steps. Passengers will need to communicate with Finnair customer service or check their website to book pet service.

Traveling with pets can be a stressful experience, but Finnair strives to make the process as smooth as possible. The Finnair Pet Policy ensures that pets receive the care and attention they deserve throughout their journey by providing convenient online booking options and personalized assistance at the airport.

Finnair Pet Online Method

The Finnair pet transportation online process is a quick one that can be completed in the comfort of their home. To ensure a positive experience, Finnair provides guidelines and rules for pet travelers on its website. There are ways to ensure a stress-free vacation when you’re traveling with your pet. The following are the steps for creating an online reservation:

  • Begin by visiting Finnair’s official website.
  • Navigate to the pet transportation section.
  • Choose the destination the passenger plans to travel to with their pet.
  • Check the availability of pet transportation services.
  • Attach all the required documentation including health certificates, vaccination records, and any additional permits or licenses. 
  • Reserve a ticket by providing the necessary details, such as the pet’s breed, weight, and dimensions of the carrier.
  • Pay Finnair Pet fees with available modes along with other required charges.
  • Once the booking is made, Finnair provides a tracking system that allows owners to monitor their pet’s journey online. 


Finnair has specific guidelines for pet carriers, including size restrictions. Make sure their pet’s carrier meets these requirements to ensure their comfort and safety during the flight. When it comes to pet-friendly airlines, the carrier takes the lead in ensuring that both you and your pet enjoy a pleasant journey. Finnair understands that pets are an extension of the family and emphasizes the need of keeping them close even when traveling

Finnair Pet Offline Method

Finnair understands that some pet owners prefer personalized assistance when it comes to transporting their beloved companions. The offline pet transportation services ensure that their pet’s needs are met at every step of the journey.

Upon arrival at the airport, the dedicated staff is available to assist passengers with the necessary procedures for pet transportation. Gather all the necessary health and vaccination documentation, including the health certificate and vaccination records. They will guide passengers through the check-in process and provide support as needed. 

Check-in procedures for pets

Finnair prioritizes the comfort and well-being of pets during the check-in process. Trained professionals handle pet check-ins with care, ensuring that pets are safely accommodated in appropriate areas of the aircraft. On the day of their flight, arrive at the airport well in advance to complete the necessary check-in procedures for their pet.

Pet Handling and Care with regular updates

Finnair understands the importance of minimizing stress for pets and ensures their well-being throughout the journey. Once you’ve checked in with their pet, rest assured that Finnair’s trained staff will handle their furry friend with care. Pets are carefully transported to the aircraft and kept in secure and comfortable conditions during the flight.

Finnair Pet Policy provides regular updates and notifications regarding their pet’s travel status for pet owners seeking constant reassurance. Passengers can receive real-time information about their pet’s journey, including departure, transit, and arrival times.

Wind Up

Traveling with your pets is an incredible experience, and Finnair ensures that your furry friends can join you on your adventures. Remember to prepare your pets adequately, follow the necessary procedures, and consult with customer service for specific information regarding your travel plans. When traveling internationally with your pet on Finnair, it’s essential to be aware of the country-specific regulations and entry requirements.

Different countries have varying rules regarding pet importation, quarantine periods, and additional documentation. Investigate the Finnair Pet Policy thoroughly, as it allows you to start on your excursions knowing that your pets are in good care, allowing you to make great experiences together. Click Below For More :

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Microchipping my pets need to fly with Finnair?

The Finnair Pet Policy states that microchipping is a must as it significantly increases the chances of being reunited with their pet if they were to get lost during the trip.

Can I transport multiple pets in the cabin on Finnair flights?

Finnair generally allows one pet per passenger in the cabin. However, the number of pets permitted in the cabin may vary depending on the aircraft type.

Do I need to provide any specific documentation for my pet?

Yes. You may be required to provide certain documentation for your pet, including proof of vaccination and a health certificate issued by a veterinarian. In some European countries, you need to submit an EU pet passport or additional certificates.

How early should I start preparing the required pet documents?

It’s recommended to start the preparation process at least seven days before scheduled departure by paying Finnair pet fees based on flights, breeds, and other variables.

What is the consequence if my pet’s vaccinations are not current?

Finnair insists that passengers have their pet’s vaccination up to date. You can be asked to postpone your trip or be denied boarding if your pet’s vaccinations are no longer current.

Can I accompany my pet during the cargo journey?

No. For safety and logistical reasons, passengers are not allowed to accompany their pets during the cargo journey. You can be assured that Finnair’s dedicated team will take excellent care of your furry friend.

What are the costs associated with traveling with a pet on Finnair?

Finnair charges a fee for transporting pets, the cost may vary depending on the destination and the size of the pet.

What transpires if my pet experiences a medical emergency while traveling?

The professional team at Finnair will take the required action to ensure that your pet receives essential care in the event of a medical emergency. It is advisable to notify the airline in advance of any existing medical concerns and history for better care.

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