Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe?

Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines, the flag carrier of Ethiopia is generally considered a safe and reliable airline. Founded in the year 1945, it is one of the biggest and well respected airlines in Africa. The airlines has received multiple accolades and prizes for its operation and service and is recognized as the best African carrier. In this post a details regarding Is Ethiopian Airline Safe? And How safe is Ethiopian Airlines? Will be shared.

Ethiopian Airlines Safety Certifications

The airlines is well qualified and certified to be considered safe. It follows all the regulations and measures set by the global aviation authorities. IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved, Ethiopian Airlines has successfully passed the IATA assessment. A globally recognized authority.

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the American Aviation authority has also approved of the airlines. Ethiopian is a safe Airlines and is allowed to operate flights to the US. Remember, these are some of the many qualifications of Ethiopian Airlines. The airlines also goes through regular inspections and safety checks to ensure security of passengers.

How Safe Is Ethiopian Airlines?

Practically speaking no Airlines is completely safe of risk free. Ethiopian Airlines has also had some major accidents and minor incidents in the past couple of years. The most notable one was in the year 2019, Flight 302 accident. The aircraft crashed a little after taking off, it led to the death of all 157 people that were on the flight. The accident was announced as technical and operational issue. Remember Ethiopian Airlines has a good safety record in general. The airlines has taken all the necessary steps required to increase its safety and reliability.

Is Ethiopian Airline Safe In 2023?

Absolutely, the airlines is quite safe in the year 2023. It has shown great commitment towards the safety of its passengers. The airlines has made major investment in training its pilot and crew. Also the aircraft maintenance has been made a priority. And various safety protocols have been implemented.

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Final Note

In this post questions such as Is Ethiopian Airline Safe? How safe is Ethiopian Airlines? Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe In 2023? Were covered. And the answer is yes, the airlines is safe and reliable. Although there have been complications in the past but the airlines has maintained a good safety record overall. They have taken necessary steps to improve their safety and service. To ensure that Ethiopian Airlines is Safe click below :

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to take Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines is considered one of the best airlines in Africa. The airlines is considered quite safe and reliable.

Why is Ethiopian Airlines so cheap?

To enhance the experience and to gain passengers confidence and trust the airlines offers discounts throughout the year which is what makes it cheap and affordable.

What is special about Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian is one of the biggest and reputed airlines in Africa. Amongst African carriers it carries the highest number of passengers with the largest fleet size and revenue.

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