Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy

Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy

Royal Jordanian is the best carrier airline chain in Jordan. We have been providing our services for the last many years. Do you want to know what makes us work in the best way? It is indeed the fastest and the most trouble-free Royal Jordanian cancellation policy. Irrespective of any uncomfortable situation, Royal Jordanian flight cancellation will always be there to give the smoothest cancellation experience.

What is the Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy?

Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy has many highlights which are completely favorable for any customer in any condition. Royal Jordanian Cancellations have been designed after keeping all terms and restrictions in one basket. 

Go through all to understand the key aspect of the Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy.

  1. Royal Jordanian Flight cancellation Policy provides coverage for all random orders done from the official website of Royal Jordanian
  2. Any issue occurred by the ticket raised through any unofficial store will be out of the cover of Royal Jordanian flight cancellation.
  3. A valid ID proof of the customer’s identity should be provided for verification.
  4. Once the flight leaves from the first checkpoint, any requests for a refund will not be entertained afterward. 
  5. If a customer has bought the refundable ticket, then only they will be eligible to get the refund even after the zero cancellation date.
  6. Only the pre-mentioned amount will be refunded to the customer as per the Royal Jordanian Booking cancellation policy. 
  7. The amount which is to be refunded to the customer will be transferred to the bank account within one week to thirty business days.
  8. The Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy gives the best secure flight cancellation process to each client. So, as per the Royal Jordanian booking cancellation policy, there is the provision of a full refund, if you have cancelled the flight within 24 hours of booking it.
  9. If you booked a non-refundable ticket, then only that part will be refunded which was taken out as the government tax.

   10. By any chance, if you have got free tickets from any ticket offer or the discounted ones, then the Royal Jordanian Cancellation policy will not apply to it.

How do I Cancel a Ticket within 24 Hours?

Royal Jordanian booking cancellation policy is a one-stop comforting solution for you if in any case, you do not want to travel. Apart from many other questions of customers, there is one which is very majorly asked, and that is about how do I cancel a ticket within 24 hours or what is the Royal Jordanian 24-hour cancellation policy? 

  • So, to make everything easier for you, Royal Jordanian provides a full refund to the customer if you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of booking it.
  • Royal Jordanian cancellation policy facilitates every customer with zero cancellation fees if you cancel a ticket on the same day of booking it. 
  • If you are opting for cancellation and in any way want a refund, then the ticket must have been raised by the Royal Jordanian office for sales, official and linked ticket seller agents, and even though the official airline website.

To add one note to it, if the ticket has been purchased by any third-party agents who are unauthorized, then such cases do not come under the Royal Jordanian 24-hour cancellation policy. 

Royal Jordanian Flight Cancellation Due to Weather

If there is any reason why the flight is about to be canceled by the airline itself due to bad weather conditions, then such situations also fall under the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy. 

The responsible authority of the Royal Jordanian will contact you as soon as possible to give you the details of flight cancellations. They will take you through the two options. You can either let them book a new flight for you or you can ask for a complete refund from their end. 

  • As Royal Jordanian is well known for its smooth flying processes, the department will rebook the next possible yet first available flight for you to the respective destination. 
  • The company also provides good accommodation to each customer if the flight gets delayed or canceled due to bad or unfavorable weather conditions and there is no other flight available at such a moment. 
  • You must thoroughly read out all the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy terms and conditions to check what is there for bad weather conditions.

Also, the customer service number is 24 hours available to give you more updated information.

How Can I Cancel the Royal Jordanian Flight?

There are many ways through which you can cancel the Royal Jordanian flight. Generally, the customer cancels a flight due to many personal or professional reasons, and by keeping that in mind, Royal Jordanian has approved many ways through which a customer can easily cancel a flight at their convenience. These services are available in all the outlets of Royal Jordanian to make a hassle-free process.

Following are the options given through which a Royal Jordanian flight can be canceled:

Online Ways to Cancel a Royal Jordanian Flight

Below are the steps mentioned to cancel a flight through the online official website of Royal Jordanian. The online system of canceling a flight with Royal Jordanian is very quick and simple. This will save you time and money as well. You will not have to take any extra effort for the cancellation.

The steps for Royal Jordanian booking cancellation are as follows:

  • Search for the Royal Jordanian official website on any internet browser.
  • Go through the first available option which shows the official Royal Jordanian website.
  • Fill in your name and other details to complete the login procedure.
  • Click on the ‘my trips’ or ‘manage my booking’ page.
  • Now find the flight you would like to cancel for any reason.
  • Please read all the required terms and conditions mentioned there.
  • You can even fill out the refund form as per the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy.
  • Kindly attach your respective documents to confirm the cancellation and also for the refund claim.
  • If your cancellation falls under the non-refundable policy in any way, then you have to pay the cancellation fees for your flight tickets.
  • After completing all the necessary steps, the airline staff will send you the confirmation mail or message at the moment.

Offline Ways to Cancel a Royal Jordanian Flight

Sometimes due to any technical issue, people do not get able to cancel their flight, and then they switch to the offline mode of flight cancellation.

So, the following are the ways through which you can easily cancel the Royal Jordanian flight through the different other ways rather than doing it online.

By Contacting the Airline Helpline Number

One of the major methods for Royal Jordanian cancellations is by doing it over the phone call. You can also do a Royal Jordanian flight cancellation by directly calling the customer service helpline number. This number is 24×7 available for any emergency. Also, do not forget to give them the reservation number or other necessary details.

By Visiting the Counter

There is one such traditional way to do Royal Jordanian cancellations, and it is by canceling it after visiting the counter. If you live anywhere nearby the airport, then visiting the ticket counter in person can be a good option for you. 

Also, if the cancellation is happening at the last moment from your side, then visiting the counter in person is a better choice.

What is the Royal Jordanian Refund Policy?

As per the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy, the official information mentions that before asking for a refund from Royal Jordanian airline, a customer should read the necessary information about the refund policy of the company. 

Only after this, they will be eligible to make trouble-free requests for a refund on flight cancellation.

Following are the details of the refund policy of Royal Jordanian:

  • Every customer needs to prove their identity before claiming a refund.
  • The airline will not allow refunds to the people who have taken any promotional or a ticket that was available through any offer.
  • If any passenger has paid the ticket fare in cash to the Royal Jordanian, then they will be contacted by the responsible department to choose a refund method.
  • The amount decided to refund will be transferred to the provided bank account of the passenger within 7- 30 active business days.
  • Only eligible passengers will be allowed to request for refund under the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy.

What are Royal Jordanian Cancellation Fees?

The airline takes care of the Royal Jordanian canceled flights, and the cancellation fees vary as per the type of ticket booked by the customer.

If you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of booking it, then the airline does not charge any cancellation fees from you. And you will be able to receive a total refund on the canceled ticket. But, if the time lapse crosses the 24-hour limit, then the company charges a type of minimal amount as a cancellation fee on the passenger’s ticket. 

To know more about this information, read us the below-mentioned points:

  • If any customer cancels the Royal Jordanian flight just on the day when the flight is about to depart for the destination, therefore the cancellation fees will go approximately 30-45% of the fare of that ticket.
  • If you in person go and cancel the ticket at the airport office, a short amount of a few service charges will be additionally included in the cancellation fees.
  • If any passenger has chosen the non-refundable ticket, then they must pay 30-60% of the flight fare.
  • You have to pay an amount in total fare like the cancellation fees for the Royal Jordanian flight cancellation if you cancel your flight after the departure from the airport.
  • In case you have booked the ticket from an unauthorized medium, then as per the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy, the airline will not at all accept the requests for a refund.

To know more details about the various flight cancellations and other information about Royal Jordanian Airlines, check out the official website or contact the available helpline number.


In terms of the Royal Jordanian cancellation policy, passengers are eligible for refunds. You need to contact the airlines as soon as you realize you need to cancel a booking. You can contact them via phone, visit them, or through online methods from their official website.

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