Turkish Airlines Special Assistance

Turkish Airlines Special Assistance

Planning a trip for disabled passengers or loved ones who need special assistance can be a head burden if you are not preparing with Turkish Airlines. When it comes to air travel, accessibility to all is a crucial consideration for airlines. Turkish Airlines is one of the leading carriers that recognize the importance of offering Special Assistance to passengers who require them. The airline is offering the best service to sick or disabled passengers who are making the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Request within the allotted time period. Many airlines in the aviation sector do not recognize the significance of accommodating patrons with disabilities. We will discuss the essentials of booking special assistance with Turkish Airlines in this blog post, as well as the airline’s dedication to a hassle-free travel experience.

Services to cater to special needs

Everyone dreams of traveling by air. It can thrill you with exciting experiences, however, it can also present numerous challenges for passengers with special needs. The airline understands and is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of each passenger including those who submitted the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Request. The airline performs special arrangements to

  • Mentally handicapped passenger
  • Visually impaired passenger
  • Hearing-impaired passenger
  • Passengers with fractured legs
  • Passengers with other disability 

Turkish Airlines will treat your request to get special assistance regardless of fare type and destination. The airline offers a range of services and accommodations to cater to passengers with disabilities, medical conditions, or other special needs. Once you booked the special assistance service, you will gain services like wheelchair assistance, mobility aids, and support for visually or hearing-impaired passengers. After knowing all the benefits and who requires special assistance service, you must be curious to understand How To Book Special Assistance With Turkish Airlines. However, before jumping into the process make sure to take a look at timing, reasons, and service availability. 

Services available with Turkish Airlines for Special Assistance Seeker

The availability of special assistance has a big influence on how it is provided as in most scenarios the passenger must need to inform the airline to gain access to special assistance services. Turkish Airlines makes an effort to broaden the audience for its services. Such as:

  1. As accessible features, their buildings offer ramps, elevators, and designated dining areas that distribute the flow. 
  2. Qualified airline employees are also prepared to assist travelers who may need special accommodationsor have physical limitations. 
  3. Turkish Airlines strives to meet all of its passengers’ needs, but it’s crucial to realize that doing so comes at a price. Passengers may be required to pay fees based on fare types, time of request, and destinations.
  4. The airline must consider each passenger’s safety and well-being in addition to the logistical difficulties caused by requests for special assistance.
  5. Passengers must follow the official Turkish Airlines Book Special Assistance method otherwise the airline will not entertain the request.

Factors behind Turkish Airlines Special Assistance services

Passengers with impairments or those who were unable to care for themselves were given special assistance services by Turkish Airlines. They must provide the necessary supporting paperwork for this. 

A few of the factors that could make it challenging to offer special assistance include the nature of the customer’s expectations, the intricacy of their requests, and the airline’s resource limitations. 

Turkish Airlines is conscious of the fact that every client is unique and that their requirements might vary substantially. 

It may occasionally be challenging to provide smooth special assistance owing to outside factors including airport infrastructure and regulatory compliance.

When making decisions about submitting the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Request form, it is crucial to consider the impact and other variables. 

Types of services

Turkish Airlines is committed to offering special assistance to customers with special needs and is aware of its importance. The airline’s dedication to accessibility and the trade-offs they made while weighing various considerations. The airline provides a variety of services in an effort to make flying easier for customers with special requirements, health conditions, and disabilities. The airline goes above its weight to ensure that flying is enjoyable and accessible for passengers requesting special assistance services. The airline will make every effort to please passengers, they provide everything from wheelchair assistance to in-flight medical support.

Wheelchair Assistance

The airline provides wheelchair assistance at many servicing airports. It helps passengers with mobility challenges for a smooth and ideal journey. Trained crew members will assist passengers from check-in to boarding and disembarkation. To request this assistance, the passenger must contact the airline at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 

Medical Support

Turkish Airlines is aware of how crucial it is to accommodate passengers with special medical requirements. The airline offers better assistance to support passengers medically as those without good health passengers require better health care. With basic medical supplies and a qualified medical professional on standby to treat any potential medical issues, the airline offers onboard medical aid. However, the airline will not entertain your Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Request if your health does not qualify for solo travel. You will need to present relevant documents before making it to the cabin.

In-Flight Assistance

In addition to wheelchair assistance, Turkish Airlines passengers can request in-flight assistance. They may rely on the friendly cabin crew of the airline if they want assistance during airtime. While in the air, an expert crew member will assist you with further services. The team has undergone specialized training to assist those with special needs, such as mobility problems or hearing or visual impairments. They could provide transportation assistance, meal service, and other support as required while traveling.

Discounts for Disabled Passengers

Turkish Airlines, a world leader in the aviation industry, is making every effort to make the flight journey of disabled persons as smooth as a swing of the moon in the amber. On top of special assistant services, the airline provides exclusive discounts on airfare. To get discounts and other services, the passenger may need to have a membership account. Passengers can enjoy exclusive deals, and complimentary services with additional discounts. Note that, Turkish Airlines Special Assistance service does not consist of meals and lounge services (depending on fare types and destinations).

Documents that are needed to submit the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Request

  • Disability identity card obtained from the authority
  • Authorized papers from General Directorate of Disabled and Elderly Services 
  • Disability certificate issued by the relevant official authorities of the country 
  • Medical certificates
  • Request papers, and other required documents
Discounts for Disabled Passengers

How To Book Special Assistance With Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines admire each and every passenger, even disabled passengers love to fly with them as they are the one who are offering the best service to a passenger who seeks special assistance. One of the main reasons to choose the airline is the simple and ease-free Turkish Airlines Book Special Assistance method. Booking special assistance with Turkish is a straightforward process that ensures your needs are met during your journey which allows you to experience a worry-free journey. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book special assistance:

Step 1: 

As soon as you can, get in touch with Turkish Airlines to let them know you need special help. The request must be submitted at least 48 hours before the departure time. You may get in touch with them by calling their customer service number, going to an authorized ticket office, or using Turkish Airlines website. 

Step 2:

Make proper communication with the airline. Give them detailed information about your requirements, such as whether you require wheelchair support, mobility aid, or any other kind of help. The Turkish Airlines Book Special Assistance procedure is available on the majority of planes, although you might want to double-check before asking for one. This will help the airline to understand your needs better and make appropriate arrangements favorably. Be specific about the type of mobility aid you require which will ensure the comfort and safety of travelers.

Step 3:

All necessary documentation must be presented in order for Turkish Airlines to move forward with your request. To facilitate your special help, be careful to provide your medical certifications, as you might not be eligible for the service without them. You could be required to present a medical certificate or a statement from your healthcare authority declaring that you require a wheelchair or other mobility equipment. Make sure to ask Turkish Airlines about any necessary paperwork when you first get in touch with them.

Step 4: 

When you have finished all the required paperwork, the airline will begin assessing your special assistance request. Turkish Airlines will confirm your reservation if all requirements are completed. The staff members will walk you through the procedure, help you make your reservation, and provide you with any applicable special flight discounts. On the day of your travel, get to the airport early to give staff time to make special preparations for your assistance. 

Note: The dedicated team will be on hand to help you during your trip. They will assist you with check-in, security processes, and airport navigation. A staff member will follow you if you require a wheelchair to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable visit. However, for a smooth travel process, make sure you are making the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Request within the allotted time frame. Once the allowed time limit exceeds, the chance to get service will depend on availability.

Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Check In

Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Check-In service helps passengers to beat the long queue and helps them to gain boarding with ease. To save travelers with physical or mental disabilities from waiting in long queues, the airline provides special assistance check-in services. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Check-In process:

  1. You should be at the departure airport well in advance of the scheduled departure time of your trip.
  2. Reach the airport with adequate time for check-in with all relevant documents.
  3. Make all necessary preparation and reach check-in desks.
  4. Passengers who need extra assistance will be directed to the right counter.
  5. Be at the special assistance check-in counter while informing the staff about the special assistance needs. 
  6. Passengers will need to submit all relevant documents.
  7. You will get wheelchair assistance, mobility aids, or any other specific requirements (depending on availability).
  8. Receive assistance and guidance from experts after finishing the security and immigration procedures. 
Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Check In

Since the airline promises first come, first served service, it is best to call the airline ahead of time to guarantee a smooth encounter.  The airline will not be held accountable if you are late in requesting assistance. Inform the airline as soon as possible of your special assistance needs. Fees may be charged on occasion depending on the kind of fare and location.


Turkish Airlines passengers can fly with confidence knowing that their needs for special assistance will be handled by experts. It helps them to relax and take in the scenery. The airline is aware of the necessity of providing passengers with special needs with specialized support services in order to ensure their comfort and safety during their voyage. Turkish Airlines makes an effort to strike a balance between meeting passengers’ requirements through wheelchair assistance, mobility devices, or other forms of special assistance. By phoning the airline in advance, and delivering the necessary paperwork, you can avail of the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Charge With Turkish Airlines For Special Assistance?

Yes, everything comes at a price. However, on some fare and disability types, Turkish Airlines offer special assistance service for free. 

What types of services does Turkish Airlines provide for special assistance?

Turkish Airlines provides a range of specialized special assistance services based on the passenger’s health and requirements. They can ask for wheelchair assistance, mobility devices, support for the blind and deaf, and medical assistance for disabilities.

How to request special assistance from Turkish Airlines?

To request special assistance, you simply need to be in touch with Turkish Airlines directly through any authorized mediums.

What time period have Turkish Airlines specified for receiving special assistance?

It is advised to ask for special assistance as soon as you can. The airline suggests passengers make a special assistance request at least 48 hours before their scheduled departure. 

Do you need any specific paperwork or medical certifications to receive special assistance?

Turkish Airlines may demand specific documents, such as medical certificates, depending on the type of service you seek. If you require a wheelchair or other form of mobility equipment, you will need medical authorized papers.

What should I do if I require assistance with the immigration and security checks?

Turkish Airlines works with the appropriate authorities to ensure that assistance is provided if it is required during the security or immigration procedures for disabled passengers. 

Is it possible to ask for help during boarding?

Yes, Turkish Airlines gives travelers with special needs priority boarding. The comfort and convenience of passengers are the top priority of the airline. 

What if I have unique dietary requirements because of ailments or allergies?

Turkish Airlines provides a range of dietary demands with unique food alternatives based on multiple factors. The airline will not guarantee but will try to provide the required dietary. However, we request you make arrangements on your own. 

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