Is Volaris A Safe Airline?

is volaris safe airlines

Volaris Airlines, a popular low-fare Mexican carrier. Passengers often ask Is Volaris A Safe Airline? In this post we will share the details regarding the airlines and its safety.

Founded in the year 2004, the airlines operates both domestic and international flights throughout Mexico, United States, The Caribbean etc. It is known for its affordable ticket prices and range of fares, (basic, classic, plus).

Is Volaris Airlines Safe?

Yes, Volaris is considered a safe and affordable option to air travel. The airlines itself gives great emphasis to the safety of its passengers and crew. It follows all the necessary regulations and measures set by aviation authorities all around the world.

Even during COVID-19, the airlines prioritized passengers health. The focus was on sanitization and social distancing. Face masks were also a mandate.

How Safe Is Volaris Airlines?

Always remember no Airlines is 100% safe. Air travel always includes some sort of risk. But Volaris Airlines has never had any major accidents since it started operating in 2005. Although the airlines have had its fair share of incidents and issues in the past couple of years.

In 2017, a Volaris aircraft collided with a Delta Airlines At LAX. There were no casualties or injuries involving this incident.

Volaris Airlines Safety Approvals

The airlines is certified by several organizations and associations backing its safety and security.

  1. IATA ( International Air Transport Association) certified, it is an Internationally recognized authority to evaluate safety and security of airlines.
  2. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) an United States based authority, it has also certified Volaris to service flights to or from US.
  3. DGAC, a Mexican government’s civil aviation authority. DGAC also approves and certifies Volaris operations. It also conducts regular inspections to ensure safety.

Is Volaris Safe In 2023?

Absolutely, Volaris is a safe and affordable option in the year 2023. The airlines has a good safety record in the past years. The airlines itself gives importance to safety by regular maintenance of its aircraft. And also providing proper training to its pilots and crew. So, Volaris is safe in 2023.


In this post Volaris Airlines Safety and reliability was discussed. It is indeed a safe carrier to travel. Details regarding Is Volaris A Safe Airline? Were answered. If you have any issue or concern it is highly advisable to contact the airlines itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest airline in Mexico?

Volaris, Airmexico are considered to be pretty safe Mexican carriers.

Why is Volaris cheap?

The airlines has build a brand on its low cost, affordable prices.They offer cheap tickets and charge extra for every thing else.

What is the quality of Volaris Airlines?

The airlines is rated 3 stars, and is a low fare airlines. It offers range of fare which includes different services and facilities.

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